4 # Meeting her Again

4 # 

Third Person's POV 

Keya and Sayema are talking about some topics in her room. Shivin entered in the room before he says something, Keya said, "

"Bhai, come here. Look she is fighting with me."

"Awww, like you never fight with me." Sayema pouted.

"Keya, how do you know that I entered?" Shivin asked.

"Bhai, I can feel." Keya winked.

"Okay, let's go. We are going somewhere." Shivin said and pulled her out of bed.

"Where are we going?" Sayema said excitedly.

"We are going, not you." Shivin taunted.

"This is not fair." Sayema pouted.

"No, nobody is coming with us. Not even Asad." Shivin said orderly.

Shivin held Keya's hand and left the room, both were laughing loudly at the expression of Sayema.

Shivin opened the passenger door for Keya. She sat down and asked while tying a seat belt, "Bhai, where are we going?"

"Keya,.." He said and stopped for a couple of seconds.


"Wait, wait. " Shivin starts a car and soon they are out of Mansion.


"Yeah. Wait wait. " Shivin said in a teasing way.

"Huh,... irritating," Keya mutters. Shivin smiled.

After a few minutes of driving, they reached the cafe. He opened the door for her and clutched her hand while walking. 

He made her sit in the chair of the table, which is already booked by him.

"Bhai, we are here to meet someone, right?" She asked while sitting.

"Hmmm." He replied shortly and looked here and there for someone. As he is waiting for someone.

"Bhai, don't say that you take me here to meet a boy, for a wedding." Keya got angry and irritated.

"Actually we are here to meet someone for a wedding, but not a boy. To meet a girl." Shivin said with a wide smile.

"Wowww,  you are dating someone." Keya's anger vanished in the air, hearing him.

"Who is the lucky girl?" Keya winked.

"You will meet soon," Shivin said again starts looking for someone.

A red coloured sports car stopped in the parking area of the cafe. A pretty girl stepped out of it. She walked inside the cafe and looked at the table, and she found Shivin. Keya feels, someone sat beside her, but she remains silent.

She moved there and sat beside him.

"Hi." She said and placed a kiss on his cheek.

"Hey, meet her, she is my cousin, Keya." Shivin introduced.

"Keya.." She screamed as she looked at her. Keya's eyes are light brown coloured and pretty with perfect eyelashes and neatly shaped eyebrows.

Keya's eyes are staring at her but probably not finds her exact place. Even Keya is not reacting to her shocking expression. 

"Are you really Keya?" She clenched in pain.

"Yeah, why?" Keya exclaimed.

The girl looks at Shivin, and Shivin nods his head as he is telling her that Keya is blind. Tears filled in her eyes.

"Are you upset.... meeting me?" Keya asked in a sad tone.

"No. Not at all.." The Girl hesitated.

The girl holds her palm between her two palms and squeezed. She glanced at Shivin asked, "You know Keya, who I am?" 

"Ohh, sorry. I didn't ask your name." Keya gave her a short smile.

"I'm Akshita." The girl said.

"Akshita,... Akki... " Keya stammered and pulled her hands from her hold.

Akshita's face became pale. She knows that in Shivin's family, she won't be accepted easily.

"Keya, I'm sorry, if this hurt you." Shivin apologized.

"No, Bhai. If you are happy with her, I'm happy for you. But... how.." Keya said and left her sentence half.

"Keya, I like her, since childhood. We studied in the same school, college. We fall for each other." Shivin replied.

"Keya, I'm so sorry,  whatever happened many years ago," Akshita said with teary eyes.

"No sorry. Whatever happened, it was past. And in this all, there was not your fault." Keya huffed with pain.

"Hiw you lost your eyesight? Shivin never told me about you." Akshita asked to satisfy her curiosity.

"In that same incident. We never met after that. I lost my eyesight and left for the USA." Keya replied.

"Keya, how do you manage?" She holds her hand again.

"Now I'm habitual," Keya replied.

"Akki, how is Abeer?" Keya asked.

"Do you still remember him?" Akshita exclaimed.

"Yeah, we fought a lot in childhood." Keya smiled.

"He is fine and well settled in business. But he doesn't like you." Akshita said with a  sorrow-filled tone.

"I know." Keya flinched.

"Keya, I thought, you also hate us like Abeer hates you and your family," Akshita said.

"Ummm, I can't see it. So there is no space for hating someone. I only get sympathy from people. My life has... " Keya couldn't complete her sentence and tears rolled over her cheeks.

"Keya, stop talking about the past. I just wish that my princess meets my girlfriend. And I'm glad, you like her." Shivin changed the topic.

"Yes, of course, I like her. Not only like, but I also live here." Keya smiled.

"Keya, when you will get married, I will also after you," Shivin said happily.

"Bhai, again my wedding. I don't want to marry any gold digger. And true lover, no chance of getting in this birth." Keya scoffed.

"Keya,... We will find the best one for you." Shivin replied.  His phone was ringing and he looked at his phone.

"Hey girls, enjoy. I have an important call, I will be back, after a call and he leaves his seat, "Hello.".

The girls only remained. Akshita said, "Keya, I'm so happy to meet you again. And thanks for accepting me." 

"Hey, no need to thank. We both lost so many things in this past." Keya became sad.

"But now I'm worried about both of you. Abeer won't accept your relationship and also Mamu (Ajay Agrawal ) won't accept it." Keya said tensely.

"We know. But we will find some way for it." Akshita replied.

Akshita looks outside and her gaze falls on white coloured Mercedes Benz car. That car pertains to Abeer. Means Abeer is here or maybe Rizwan. A shiver passed through her body.

"Keya, I'm going to use the washroom. Be careful, stay here, don't move. I will be back soon. Okay." Akshita kissed on her forehead and moved towards the restroom. She doesn't want to leave her alone but she also doesn't wish to disclose Keya's identity in front of Abeer or Rizwan.

Abeer immigrated inside the same cafe with Rizwan. He sat on one of the empty tables. Keya is also alone and waiting for Shivin and Akshita. They are on the corner table.

Rizwan ordered coffee for them. Nobody can say that they came here after murdering some people, who came to snatch their consignment.

Five guys penetrated inside the cafe with an attitude like they are Richie rich but spoiled. They look for the table but the table is not emptied. Their gaze plunged on Keya, she was sitting alone. They laughed and moved to her.

One of them sat behind her and said, "Hey gorgeous, you are looking alone. May we accompany you?." All boys laughed.

"Who are you?" Keya stood up and shouted. 

One of them doubted and waved his hand in front of her, but she didn't squint her eyes.

"Hey, she is blind." And all guys make her fun.

"Great, first of all blind, second beautiful and third she is alone." One of them said and laughed like a maniac.

She is still in her morning dress, but she wore another scarf. One boy pulled her scarf and threw it in the air. She was scared inadequately and her eyes filled with tears.

"Please, leave." She growled in an angry tone.

"Hey, look at her anger, like she will eat us from her eyes." Another one scoffed her.

Her voice attracts someone. After was shocked, hearing her voice. He turned towards her for checking. 

The boy is trying to strap off her dress. She is scaring and trying to cover herself, "Please, leave me."

But the boy tore her sleeveless straps. Her pink bra straps are apparent now. She puts her hand on her shoulder to hide and the boys are laughing.

Abeer got up from his seat and within a next second, the boy who tore her dress was punched hard by him. Abeer greets his teeth in anger and punches another boy.

He removed his jacket and put on her. Rizwan's mind doesn't take a second to understand that she is the same girl whom he met in the temple. He knows Abeer is enough for them. He is just looking at the show. All the other customers in the cafe ran away because of fighting.

Abeer beats them badly. Someone's hand is broken, someone's leg. One of them lost his teeth. The boy asked for forgiveness. They knelt down in front of Abeer.

Abeer pointed towards Keya, who was standing with the support of Glass wall. They crawled towards her and said together, "Please forgive us, we don't know you have this strong bodyguard with you." 

"It's okay." She said with pain. She doesn't know who saved her. She never imagined that she could fall into this type of situation.

She is shivering.  Abeer made her sit on the chair and sat beside her. Abeer rarely talks. He just looks at her from top to toe. 

"Thank you," Keya said and wiped her tears.

"No need for that. With whom you came here?" Abeer asked.

"You.." She yelled.

"What...?" Abeer was shocked as she replied, 'you'.

"No. no. I mean you are.. we met today in the temple, right?" Keya stammered.

"How do you know?" Abeer exclaimed with shock.

"Your voice," Keya replied.

"I'm sorry, I fell on you in the morning," Keya said.

"It's okay." Abeer said and asked hesitantly, "Coffee?" 

She denied, "Thanks but I'm here with my siblings, I would like to have coffee with them." 

"Umm, your jacket...." Keya said and stopped at the middle of the sentence.

"Keep it with you," Abeer said and looked at Rizwan, who is gazing upon them with a mockery smile. Abeer sighed hard, peeking at Rizwan's smiling face.

"I'm here till your siblings come back." Abeer turned to her and said.

"Thanks," Keya replied.

Akshita was looking at them but she can't go in front of his brother.

Shivin came inside the cafe but he glanced at them, Abeer was sitting with Keya. He also doesn't wish to reveal Keya's identity in front of Abeer. He stopped there and worried for Keya. He is not afraid of Abeer, but he is afraid of Keya's safety. Once Abeer learns that she is back and alive. He can kill her for revenge.

He stepped back and called someone. Keya said, "If you have any work, you may go."

"No, it's ok," Abeer replied and told Rizwan to join them with his eye gestures.

Rizwan sat beside him. Keys was scared and asked, "Who is there?" 

Abeer looks at her like she is amazing. She asked again, "Who was sitting here? Bhai,... are you there?" 

"He is my friend, Rizwan." Abeer introduced.

"Ohk, Hello Rizwan," Keya said.

"Hello, the nightingale." Rizwan greeted her.

"Nightingale?" Keya exclaimed. Abeer glared at Rizwan.

"Sorry, mistakenly..." Rizwan apologized.

"No, no. What is the nightingale?" Keya asked.

"You sing so sweet like a nightingale, so I just said my friend that thing. " Abeer hesitantly explained to her.

She laughed like a kid, so freely and her laugh was sounding like a child's giggle. Her smile drove him crazy. For the first time, he smiles from the bottom of the heart.

Rizwan is happy for him. He also smiled at his smile.

"What is your name?" Abeer asked desperately.

"Ummm... Nightingale." She laughed again.

He shook his head.

"And yours?" She asked while laughing.

"Well, you recognized me with my voice. Remember my voice." Abeer retorted with a playful smile on his face, which she didn't recognize.

Rizwan already told the waiter for coffee. Their coffee mugs are served by the waiter.

They are enjoying the coffee. Rizwan asked, "By the way, will you please give him your contact number?" 

Abeer gave him a death glare. He winked at him. 

"Should I ?.... Ummm... " Keya acts like she was thinking. 

"Okay.." she enunciated her number and smiled sheepishly. Her heart was beating rapidly, as she was alone in the cafe and the unknown person helped her.

Before that Asad never leaves alone anywhere. She never came across in any danger before. She was talking with a boy for the first time out of limit. Whenever any boy tried to come closer to her, Asad kicked their ass badly. So her heart was thumping loudly, but she feels secure with Abeer, she doesn't know the reason why it is so, but from inside she wishes to spend time with him.


Shivin called Akshita and learnt the whole truth. He regretted receiving a call. So he called Asad and Sayema.

Both arrived at the cafe. But he sends only Sayema to bring her back. Sayema entered the cafe and looked at her. She walks towards their table.

Before she could say something, Keya yelled, "How you come here?" 

"What do you mean by 'How'?" She put her hands on her waist.

"Let's go," Sayema said.

"Who is she?" Rizwan asked.

"Sayema, my friend," Keya replied.

"And you Mr. Stop drooling over her." Sayema pointed towards Abeer. He doesn't react. This is a surprise for Rizwan. Nobody can speak so rudely with Abeer. Otherwise, that person will be dead in the next second.

"And you let's go." She pulled Keya's hand. Keya dropped the mug down and waved her hand for him, "Thanks for the coffee." 

"She is really beautiful. How can the god snatch her vision?" Rizwan said and a hard whacked on his chest by Abeer.

"Stop thinking about her."

"She is mine." 

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