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Monalisa Del-a-Cruz, an Italian-American mafia queen was often referred as the queen of the underworld. She’s feared by both the old and young and they all bow at her feet. Despite being a high schooler, she controlled 85% of the black market in America, no one dare defies her order except they want their head blown off. At an early age of five, she was trained to be merciless, ruthless and cold, those who challenged her never lived to tell the tale or their body parts got chopped off. Meet Jeremy Martins, the class president of senior 05 class, twilight high school. He’s an annoying, funny and nerdy teenage boy who cares about two things; his studies and his sister. He believes in love even though his parents fight and beat each other every single day. When Monalisa gets transferred to a new school, she meets Jeremy who thinks she’s crazy, so, they didn’t start off on the right foot. As time goes on Monalisa gets confused about what she feels towards him because she doesn’t know what love is. Unknowingly she finds herself fighting for her rightful place as mafia queen with her step brother. Read along to find out about betrayals, the dangerous adventures they both participate in and perhaps maybe she might let him break the walls she built to protect herself.

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Victoria Adeniyi
nice story line but late update.. still waiting for the continuation.
2023-10-17 05:52:19
46 Chapters
Chapter 01
‘Ma’am here’s the money’ Mr. Sawyer said as he carries the brief case from the floor and puts it on her table. Monalisa opens the brief case and smiles when she sees the money. ‘How much is this?’ Monalisa asks referring to the money in the suitcase. ‘That’s ten million dollars.’ Mr. Sawyer replied nervously he looks at around Monalisa's office in order to avoid having an eye contact with her, Monalisa leaned forward gazing intently at Mr. Sawyer. ‘Are you sure or did your boss, Mr. Joshua ask you to lie to me’ Monalisa stated as she relaxes her back against the chair. ‘No, I’m ... I’m actually not lying to you, seriously’ ‘I’ll hand this money to my assistant to count for me cause I’m not a fool who doesn’t count money in front of my customers, if I find out that any a penny is missing from this money’ she said leaning closer to him and whispers ‘I’ll make sure you die a painful death. As she finished her sentence Mr. Sawyer looked at her in horror and started sweating like
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Chapter 02
‘Santa Maria Madre di Cristo (holy Mary mother of Christ’ she yells as she looks at the caller id ‘not now’ ‘Monalisa honey’ the caller says weakly ‘please come back home, I’m seriously sick…. *cough cough*… I want to see you before I die’ ‘Seriously mother’ Monalisa replies angrily as she sits up ‘you and I both know nothing can make me come back home well except a relative is DEAD, so mom stop pretending cause I’m not in the mood’ ‘Monalisa dear I’m really serious ‘she replies as she coughs and composes herself for some minutes ‘Monalisa please come to New York, have pity on this old woman’ ‘Seriously mom, you’re not old, you’re just forty-s....’ ‘Monalisa, just stop talking about my age, *cough cough* whether am old or young, I am your mother and it’s absolutely normal for me to miss my child’ Monalisa mom pauses for a while before she continues ‘besides I’m really sick and am receiving treatment from our family doctor, Mr. Wood’ Lisa sighed and debated in her mind whether to
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Chapter 03
‘Mamma, I am home’ Lisa yells as the trio scramble on the red and black couch. Lisa looks around the house and thinking how her home had changed so much over the years, her mom had changed the television, the house design, and the chairs, in fact almost everything had been replaced except one thing… The portraits on the wall. ‘My baby’ Monalisa mom whose hair was also jet-black just like Lisa’s with a pointed nose and a sickly thin pale structure replies coming out from the kitchen. ‘Mom?’ Lisa asks in disbelief as she looks at her mother, the woman looked as if she could break into half if anything wrong happened to her. ‘What happened to you?, I thought you were just kidding with me’ she says as she stands up to hug her mom while Amanda and Luca awkwardly looks at the drama being displayed in front of them. ‘I wasn’t kidding.’ Lisa’s mom, Rita replies chuckling ‘besides the doctor said I’ll be fine in a week or two and who are your two friends’ ‘Introduce yourselves’ Lisa te
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Chapter 04
SENIOR CLASS 05 ‘Hey Jeremy’ Adrian blonde tall guy with green eyes says as he sits beside Jeremy. ‘What do you want Adrian’ Jeremy replies rolling his hazel eyeballs as he drops his pencil on his book. ‘what’s wrong with you, I’m seeing you for the first time this week and all you can say is what do you want Adrian’ he says mimicking Jeremy ‘you are so cruel ya’ know’ ‘I’m sorry Adrian it’s just this …arghh … she just … don’t worry’ ‘Uuuu, I smell love in the air’ he replies leaning forward with a smile ‘now tell me who is this SHE you’re talking about’. ‘It’s actually not what you think’ ‘Ummmm’ Adrian hummed indicated he didn’t believe him at all. ‘I’m serious man, look I was actually coming from the miss Lesley office and then I saw this beautiful damsel approaching me, as she walked it was like a thousand people singing a hymn, she looked angry yet looked a million times more beautiful in my eye, she looked like an angel that fell from heaven but the thing is that she go
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Chapter 05
‘Mattina mamma’ [morning mom] Lisa greeted her mom ignoring Amanda and luca. ‘Buongiorno caro come e andata tua serata?’ [Morning dear how was your night?] Monalisa mom replied. ‘It was okay’ she says sitting on the dining chair while putting her hand in her blue pants left pocket bringing out a gun. She was clad in a white top with the inscription }ARMY~ and long blue pants. Everyone present in the kitchen area was bewildered as to why she would put a gun on the dining table in the morning. Lisa looks around the house tapping her foot on the floor rhythmically ‘What?’ she asks looking at them because they all looked at her as if she just came from another planet. ‘Good morning boss’ both Amanda and luca greeted. ‘Morning’ she answered. ‘Oh it should be any time soon’ she murmured looking the time on her expensive gold wrist watch. ‘Uhmm honey, what is going on because I know that face you’re making, you’re excited about something really really bad’. Mrs. Rita asks nervously
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Chapter 06
‘Monalisa why didn’t you follow your friends’ Rita asks immediately Lisa enters the house. ‘Didn’t feel like mom’ she answers and looks at her mom direction. Her eyes widen in surprise as she sees Mr. Wood checking her mom vitals and Mr. Ohmshford sitting on the couch. ‘Oh God’ she mumbles already getting irritated by his presence ‘Mr. Wood tell me ‘bout my mom health tomorrow byyee’ she says ignoring Mr. Ohmshford but the principal being who he is couldn’t just get ignored like that stood up to confront Monalisa. ‘Monalisa, what are you doing at home I thought I said you…’ ‘Oh please old man’ Lisa interrupted glaring at him ‘you frustrate me in school and now my house. Please sir MIND YOUR BUSINESS!’ She shouted as she angrily climbed the staircase. ‘Oh my God’ Mr. Ohmshford mumbles while Rita watches the drama. ‘I think you should leave her alone for your safety Asher, she’s not like most teenagers, if you’re not careful you might actually end up dead’ Rita advises worried abo
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Chapter 07
‘Hey wake up!’Marco says slapping Mr. Joshua face numerous times. ‘Stop’ Mr. Joshua says drowsily forgetting where he was. He stood up and staggered for some minutes before he remembered where he was. ‘Holy shit’ he mumbled looking at his surroundings, he was on a roof top of a building …and oh hey look that’s his building over there. ‘Are you done analyzing?’ Lisa asks sipping her red wine. ‘what do you want Monalisa’ he asks her turning to face her only to see her sitting and sipping wine and marco standing. ‘To make your life a living hell’ she replied smirking. ‘I WILL…’ A loud explosion interrupted Mr. Joshua which made him look back and he had a shocked expression, he didn’t move for a few seconds before what had happened registered in his brain. ‘MY BUILDING, MY FAMILY’ he yelled kneeling down as he looks at his building which was in ruins. He stands up and run towards Lisa and kneels down. ‘Please Lisa tell me my family were not inside during the time of the explosion
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Chapter 08
Monalisa smiles opening the window of her room as she peeks outside and breathe the morning air. ‘What a beautiful morning to jog, thank God it’s Saturday no school’ she yells smiling removing her head from the window, she picks up her hair band and tie her jet black hair to a ponytail as she takes her headphone and goes out of her room. She happily strolls down the empty halls of her house; she climbs down the stairs and meets very one in the living room except Rita who was in the kitchen. ‘Morning mom’ Lisa yells greeting ‘Morning dear’ she replies back ‘Morning boss’ Amanda, luca and Kyra greets ‘Morning, where did Marco and those guys go’ Lisa asks looking around ‘They were needed urgently by Angelo so they had to go back to los Angeles’ Luca replied ‘and by the way, where are you going, I thought coach said we had to come to school’ Monalisa sighs suddenly remembering that she had to go to school to play a basketball game. She checks the time on her wristwatch and damn it
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Chapter 09
Jeremy looked at Lisa’s face nervously while Lisa looks at the shirt she was holding wondering if it was her size. ‘ Oh gosh’ Jeremy whispered. ‘What?’ Lisa whispered back ‘ I left my locker open’ he replied She rolled her eyes as soon as she heard his answer and they were now in an awkward silence, she didn’t care if those guys saw her but because of Jeremy she had to hide. ‘what the heck am I doing’ she thought looking at Jeremy who was worried ‘ I never do these type of things but since I met this guy, I’ve started behaving like a stupid person, I never say hi to people or do things to protect their reputation’ She looked at him one more time before wearing the shirt, when she was done wearing the cloth she looked at herself at the mirror in the bathroom and it looked big, what can she say, he was huge but not as huge as Angelo, that guy hugeness was on another level. ‘I think they are gone’ Jeremy said breaking the silence between them.. ‘Ok’ Lisa stated opening the door a
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Chapter 10.
Amanda rolled around the king sized bed not opening her eyes and crashed into a body beside her, she groaned opening her eyes and yawning as she observes the foreign environment she was in. something or rather someone yawned behind her making her stay still. She had a hangover and sighed thinking if she had slept with someone last night. She remembered going back home to smoke and going to a club to get wasted and probably get laid but she was sure that her drunk self wouldn’t want to get laid with no other man except luca so who exactly was this guy sleeping inches away from her on the bed. She peeked under the lion skin duvet to see if she was naked and shivered looking away and looked at the room she was in. ‘I can’t just lay here not knowing who is beside me’ she thought sighing ‘guess I’ll have to check who it is’. She rolled and stares and the man’s back, determined to know who it was she yanked the duvet from the man’s body making the strange guy shiver at the sudden action
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