45 # Hidden culprit

Third Person's POV 

Keya was breathing heavily. She was feeling like she will throw up. The man has enveloped her neck. 

He was pushing her more to him and his one hand pointed on her forehead holding a gun. 

She tried to open her eyes, but her stomach was growling.  She puked out on his clothes.

"You bitch, " He pushed her but he became dirty because her puking out. Sayema caught her to prevent from falling.

He was rubbing his hand to wipe off the dirt but it was smelling dirty. His attention was only on his shirt.

Abeer snatched the gun from Chhaya's hand and rapidly shoot the man who was holding Keya. He was shot on his wrist. He screamed and the gun in his hand fell on the ground.

Chhaya shouted, "Tarang..."

Her heart has pinned the hell. Her son was at the target of Abeer, who never misses the aim. Her heartbeat reached a peak of fear of losing her son.

"Ohh, he is Tarang Sengupta,"

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Taani Sinha
plz update
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what happened author? why aren't you updating? ☹
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plz update

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