Chapter Fourty Six

Nawal's POV

A sharp pain hit me from my lower back which made me to jolt in my sleep. I ran my hand over it as it disappear as if it wasn't there.

I sighed in relief, the pain has been disturbing me for quite sometimes now, I brush it off thinking is the pregnancy since is growing everyday, but I think I just have to complain the next time I go for anti natal.

I groan moving to check on the time, that's when I felt something holding me, preventing me from moving. Scared, I move slowly and turn on the bedside lamp.

"What the hell" I murmured when my eyes lands on the person. If my head is not playing tricks with me, he is supposed to be with his wife, not me. HIS other wife.

I watch him in dismay as he groan and open his eyes clearly because of the way am moving. He gaze at me with his sleepy eyes then remove his hands that's preventing me from moving, Then

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