Chapter 6

Zayn Grey

I am at my office, sitting on my black swivel chair.

We have a family dinner tonight cause our parents are leaving to go to the Philippines, that is why I am finishing all my work here.

I pressed my intercom

"How many minutes before our last meeting start?" I asked with a cold tone.

"Mr. Grey, the meeting will start the less than an hour, and the rest of the meeting will be held tomorrow," Kyla said in a seductive voice but I didn't mind.

All the girls are like that.

She is my personal assistant. I didn't want to fire her cause she is just good for me. Finished work properly, updating me at right time, and not so clumsy but irritates me when she is trying to seduce me. She works for me one month from now.

"Ok, remind Jacob and Blaine to be ready," I said and hang up the phone.

Well, Blaine, and Jacob and I are going to inherit our parents' airlines and business fairly.

Next Week.

My parents are their parents; they treated us equally even we are not blood-related. Yes, Blaine and Jacob's family died in a tsunami.

My parents and their parents truly loved each other. We respect them and obey them cause they are the ones why we are here in our position and the one who took care and love us.

Blaine and I are 24 years old and Jacob is 23 years old. We treat each as a brother. We grow up with each other in fighting, laughing, playing, and studying.

We became best friends since grade school because our parents always meet in one of their houses. We graduated in Mechanical Engineer.

We are the three youngest billionaires around the world. The girls dream they've said. We don't allow too much paparazzi to see us cause rumors are easily spread.

In the office, we have 60 floors and we are on the top floor. 3 big offices soundproof. Me, Blaine, and Jacob rooms. No one reaches this floor unless they have permission to us.

Second below the top floor. Are for our assistants so we can reach them easily and not taking to much time waiting for them to come up.

My thoughts stop when the intercom buzzes.

"Sir, the meeting is about to start. Mr. Texer and Mr. Miller are already in here." Alyssa said.

"Ok," I said. I stood up, fixed my suit, get my iPhone 11 PRO MAX, and headed towards the door.

I got into the conference room and I saw the serious face of Blaine and Jacob flirting face.

I just ignored it when it comes to the meeting we are really focusing on it. I took a seat and started to listen.

After our endless meeting. I got out and gave a nod to Blaine and Jacob.

I am just signing a few papers and reading contracts when my phone rings.

I hold it in my ear. I don't need to look at it cause I have a personal phone.

"Hello son, Can you guys come early so we can talk about something after dinner," Mom asked.

"Yes, I am almost done with my work. We will come ASAP. " I informed her.

"Ok, drive carefully sons. We love you." She said.

"Yeah, Mom thanks," I said and ended the call

I pressed the intercom to inform my P.A that we are leaving early and call Blaine and Jacob to meet me in private parking at 6 sharp.

After I am done, I checked my watch it is already 5:55. I headed towards the parking lot and saw my two fucking brothers waiting for me.

"Come Early?" Blaine questioned. He always used short words and we are used to it or depend on his mood.

We are short-tempered, only Jacob is the playful and calm one.

"Mom said, come early to talk about something," I said while shrugging.

"Oh, I think she is going to recommend some girls," Jacob said while laughing, as you all know we named Jacob as the "ultimate billionaire playboy". He flirts but never been in a serious relationship.

Flirt in words only because if my mother found out that she is playing with girls. She will hold or will not allow inheriting the company.

"Respect girls they are not toys to play with" that is my mom line.

"IDIOT," Blaine and Me said in unison.

"We head straight in our own penthouses after dinner right?" Jacob asked and we nodded.

"So we use our own car" he added and we got into our own sports car.

I brought my Huracan Evo a Lamborghini 2020

I opened my window and said.  "See you guys there."

"Race?" Blaine said with a suggestive smirk.

We smirked in response.

I started the engine and also my two brothers. Our car roar echoed in our private parking lot and started speeding.

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