Chapter eight

Angel walked into the house he once called home. Yet today, it felt like a death trap. He switched on the light to brighten the darkness in the living room, then saw Mr. William seated calmly on the sofa.

"How dare you show your face back here after your betrayal? The task was simple! Keep your watch on the Wright family, and when the full moon rises on your eighteenth birthday, kill them. How could you mess up something that simple?" Mr. William said in rage.

"Mr. and Mrs. Wright are dead. Isn't that what you guys wanted?" Angel replied.

He got alarmed and defensive when he smelled the killer aroma coming from Mr. William.

"But the girl is not dead, and it's all because you put your emotion above your people. The task was that none of the Wright family should be alive yet because of your involvement in the situation we have one member still breathing!" Mr. William uttered.

He go

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