He's mine beast

He's mine beast

By:  Rever  Ongoing
Language: English
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Snow fell deeply in love with Angel, and later found out that he might be the monster who murdered her parents in cold blood. However, a vow she made to him stopped her from killing him the first time. However, after a years had passed, they met again, and she's determined to kill him once and for all.

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Julia Nora
keep going, this is a great story. if you have any social media to discuss your story further, please kindly inform to me :) thank you
2021-07-19 18:49:27
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Sorry to my reader for the confusion. The chapter I posted yesterday belongs to my other novel "Ruthless alpha and his hardhearted DAOB wife." It was an honest mistake from an author who has been writing and editing all day. Sorry again.
2020-10-21 17:52:00
15 Chapters
Chapter one
“La, la, la, la, la, the sky is so blue. The earth looks deep green, and the sun is pretty. Haha, I feel like a bird flying out of its cage.” Snow said as she twirled around the rustic iron pole. Angel stared at her with admiration in his eyes as Snow spun. He could not stop himself from smiling when he gazed at the excitement in her eyes."This feeling is amazing. The wind is in my hair, and my worries are flowing away with the breeze. I can touch the sky from where I stand." Snow energetically said before smiling back at Angel, who could not keep his eyes off her. "Okay, I feel dizzy and weak. I think I am going to puke now.” She told her friend in a shaking tone. He rushed toward her as she was about to hit the ground and grabbed her in his arms.  Snow then wrapped her hands around his neck to balance herself. Angel wore a worried expression on his face and looked at
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Chapter two
“I said stop, Kelvin! I will leave with you! Stop hurting him! He was trying to protect me. He is not the bad guy here!” Snow yelled at Kelvin as she tried to break Angel free from his grip.  However, Kelvin gripped Angel's shirt and kept on hitting him, yet Angel was not even putting up a fight. "So who is the dangerous guy? Is it me, uh?" He screamed at Snow. She did not answer since she feared that her words would cause Angel more harm than good.  "You don't have to answer my question because I already know your response. Fine, you are right! I am a dangerous man. Now leave with me before I take out all of his teeth from his mouth!" Kelvin stated, then let go of Angel’s t-shirt.  “Remember that you are just a filthy thing. And you do not deserve her or her friendship.” Kelvin shouted at Angel before spitting at him. 
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Chapter three
The tension in the Wright's home was intense in the living room, as Snow strived to hold back her anger and reason with her mother. "Mom, you can't be serious." She cried. The next few minutes, Snow's face got soaked with tears, and she could not help herself from breaking down. "I am dead serious, Snow. Until you learn to respect us and decide to stay away from that boy, this will be your punishment." Mrs. Wright announced. Snow folded her hand in a fist as the anger she felt seemed to increase rapidly along with her fear of not being able to see Angel for an entire month. "Mom, please. Don't do this to me." She uttered in a trembling voice. Mrs. Wright could see the devastation on her daughter's face, which made her more determined to keep Angel and Snow apart. She did not want Snow being with someone that she is willing to choose first above others, includ
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Chapter four
"Knock!"  The tapping sound coming from Snow's room door did not draw her attention. Instead, she remained rested in bed and continued listening to her music. The doorknob turned, the door opened, and Mr. Wright walked into his daughter's room alongside his wife. "Snow, It's been one month, and you have served your punishment." Mr. Wright sweetly said. "UMM." Snow replied, then when back to staring at her phone. The past month was the hardest for her. She did not eat properly, sleep soundly, and her mind remained stressed with thoughts about Angel's whereabouts and his well-being. "Your dad and I want to reward you for the excellent behavior you have shown over the past month," Mrs. Wright stated in excitement. "Okay?" Snow said without any care in her words. The only reward that she would be excited about is the
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Chapter five
“Waaaaaahhhhhhh.” The woods seemed disturbed by the sound of ambulances and police vehicles. The cold air remained chilly, and mother nature appeared calm. Darkness ceases the glow of the moonlight. Beneath the cloudy sky where the flashlight lights the bared ground, lays the bodies of two individuals. Their flesh and bones remained scattered on the icy grass, and blood painted the land red and black. “Blargh,” a police puke from the horror of the scene. “This is mess up. Whoever killed them is a beast and not a human.” She stated while wiping the remaining puke from her mouth with her hand.“Frightening incidents occur in these woods. Still, I have never seen something this horrifying.” Her co-worker responded to the police statement. “This is the kind of jumble you d
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Chapter six
Snow clutched onto Derrie's hand as he held her in his arms and walked over to Alvin. She opened her eyelid one last time before fainting in his hand. "Are you okay, kid?" Alvin asked when he saw how bloody Snow seemed. He looked at Snow's face and had a bad feeling that something was not right with her. "Why isn't she replying?" He asked his partner after waiting for a while but got no response from Snow. "I don't know. I mean, she was talking just now. Kid?" Derrie shouted but got no reply from Snow. "Damn it!" He called out, then began to walk at a fast pace when he realized that Snow was running a fever. "What?" Kelvin shouted as he chased after his friend. “Help! She fainted in my arms, and her temperature is increasing.” Derrie screamed as he approached his teammates. “Get her into the ambulanc
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Chapter seven
Once the ambulance stopped at the OK hospital parking lot, Alvin and the others did not waste any time in getting Snow out of the vehicle and onto the stretcher. "Is she still breathing?" Joe asked when he stared at Snow's pale face. 
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Chapter eight
Angel walked into the house he once called home. Yet today, it felt like a death trap. He switched on the light to brighten the darkness in the living room, then saw Mr. William seated calmly on the sofa. "How dare you show your face back here after your betrayal? The task was simple! Keep your watch on the Wright family, and when the full moon rises on your eighteenth birthday, kill them. How could you mess up something that simple?" Mr. William said in rage. "Mr. and Mrs. Wright are dead. Isn't that what you guys wanted?" Angel replied. He got alarmed and defensive when he smelled the killer aroma coming from Mr. William. "But the girl is not dead, and it's all because you put your emotion above your people. The task was that none of the Wright family should be alive yet because of your involvement in the situation we have one member still breathing!" Mr. William uttered. He go
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Chapter nine
It was five o'clock in the morning, and Joe was driving to the hospital to check on Snow when he got a call from his subordinate. "Good morning, Melvin." Joe said while keeping his focus on the road. "Sir, this morning is not a good one."  Melvin's distressed voice came almost as a whisper. "What happened?" Joe asked as he tried to keep calm and hoped that the news Melvin had could be something that they could handle. "The corpses are gone." Melvin's voice echoed through the phone, sounding a bit creaky. "What!" Joe screamed as he pressed his foot on the brake which caused the police vehicle to stop abruptly. "I am as shocked as you are." Melvin stated, and Joe could hear the frustration in Melvin's words, and he knew that this news was something beyond him and his subordinates. "Tell me what happened?" Joe uttered as he allowed hims
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Chapter ten
Snow sat there on the hospital bed, staring at the policemen with confusion in her every gaze. She could not find the words to express her thoughts, so she waited for them to say something. "Hey, Snow. How are you doing?" Alvin said in a childish manner. Snow intensely stared at him in dismay. She found the friendliness in his tone to be extremely uncomfortable. "Who are you guys, and where are my parents?" Snow softly asked after gaining the strength to speak. "Sir, this is bad. The two corpses could be this kid's parents. We should be careful with how we handle her from here and question her before we trigger any traumatic memories that may cause her mental instability." Derrie whispered to Joe. "I know that. But my biggest fear right now is the fact that Snow doesn't seem to remember what happened." Joe mumbled with concern in his eyes. "We are officers."
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