Chapter 9

1 week later.

Purple wanted to go out; she was fully recovered and wanted to look around, but was afraid, she was only human in between 1000’s of a wolf. But till now, whichever member met her they all were very friendly. She doesn’t feel like she was in between animals. Alpha Vance never comes to meet her or care for her; she doubted that they were mate. Because according to her knowledge. Werewolves are most possessive over there mates, especially an alpha. They are known to be most possessive, dominant, and overprotective over there mates. They can hurt or kill anyone who hurt there mate, even there own family. But seeing Vance, she thing it must be wrong. She can’t totally trust a book too.

It felt pain in her heart to know that the person who should love and protect her. Hate’s her to the core. Her hearts hurt knowing; her

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Becky Williams
Great story but horrible spelling and grammar I love love to keep reading but it's to hard to follow the story line
goodnovel comment avatar
I give up. Too many spelling and grammar mistakes. I really wanted to keep on reading this. It’s received good reviews, but I’m sorry author, I just can’t bring myself to spend any more money on this.
goodnovel comment avatar
Lourdes Marrero
I'm liking the story is different, but there are a lot of mispellings. and some sentences don't make sense.

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