Chapter 177

“What’s with Vampire’s and abandoned warehouses?” I asked, speaking to no one in particular.

The breaks of the rusty minivan we were crammed into squealed as we pulled into a handicap space close to the front doors. I could make out the symbol painted on the spot, though it had faded over time.

Within the parking lot were a few cars, but most looked like junkers rather than functioning vehicles. There weren’t any windows apart from the ones that lined the front, but they were blacked out by scraps of cardboard boxes and old newspapers.

“This one won’t be half as luxurious as your father’s.” Tristan muttered at my side; his face marred in a permanent scowl.

From the front seat, Dina snorted. She turned around and glared at Tristan.

“With how flimsy your loyalty is, you got no room to be judging anybody, Tristan.” The pale-haired Vampire at my side lifted an eyebrow, but Dina didn’t falter in her rant. “That’s right, I know you. You don’t know me, though. I was a nobody back then, a bod
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Rafaella Vittoria
uh-oh! told you she should have waited for Asher
goodnovel comment avatar
Oh snap!…….. Hello Niece this just gets more interesting
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Brandi Smith
Lola wasn't there when ASHER, ZEKE, and BRAN killed her father!

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