Chapter 186

When Tristan left, the front door clicking shut behind him, I slumped against the kitchen counter and took a deep breath. The bottle of blood I’d been sipping on sat untouched at my side, which didn’t go unnoticed by Breyona or Giovanni.

“You feel like death, and I’m not talking about how exhausted you are.” Breyona commented, her voice laced with worry. “Did something else happen?”

Clutching the bottle in my hand, as though it’ll somehow give me the courage to break the news, I mumbled, “This is going to take some getting used to.”

Breyona was already more intuitive than your average wolf, but now the two of us were magically connected. Even now, I could feel the smoky threads between us, connecting our souls.

Her nod was one of understanding, and as much as I appreciated it, it only made my heart seize in my chest.

“I promise not to pry any more than I usually do, but I get the feeling there’s something you need to tell me, but you really, really don’t want to.”

“You might want to s
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goodnovel comment avatar
I guess we will all have to reread the entire book when it's finished
goodnovel comment avatar
Rafaella Vittoria
I agree ...
goodnovel comment avatar
Ruona Badaseraye
Wow holly’s mother is troubling Lola for her magic, isn’t Holly’s mother half she wolf? Cus Holly’s grandma slept with Flora’s father. Amazing book, waiting for other chapters

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