His Doll
His Doll
Author: Artemisia


"Please, don't leave my daughter. Where will she go? Why are you doing this to her? At least think about your unborn child"

A middle-aged woman is crying and saying all this to a young man who is sitting in front of her crossing his legs. He is looking impassive by the woman's word. 

He is smoking a cigarette. He said between his smoking," how are you feeling right now seeing your daughter being thrown away by her husband? You are feeling vulnerable, right? That's how my mother felt in the past".

The woman looked confused and asked him wiping her tears," what are you talking about? Whose mother? Who are you?"

The man laughed and said," you don't have to know who am i. But remember one thing, I will punish you for your sins by the cruellest way".

Suddenly a young girl who is holding her 5-month pregnant belly said with a heavy voice," Ma..let's go from here. He has ruined 2 years of my life. Now, I have understood how to survive in this world. I don't need him and my child also don't need him".

She wiped her tears and said to the man," Thank you for your every lesson Mr Abhinav Agnihotri. I am glad that I am not your Doll anymore".

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