His Doll

His Doll

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I am standing in front of the mirror only on my red skirt and blouse.He is wearing me a red saree.Tears are flowing from my eyes like nigra falls.After wearing me the saree,he sat me down in front of the mirror and started wearing me jewellery. He applied red lipstick on my lips and said seductively, "you look very fuckable in red colour."I replied crying, "please.Let me see my brother.He is very sick.Let me go to the hospital for once".Hearing me, he slapped very hard on my face and fisted my hair tightly.He said anger dripping from his voice,"you dare to talk back.Did you just forget your place in front of me.Tell me who you are?Tell me whom you belong? I hissed in pain and replied," I am your doll. I only belong to you. I am only yours" . . . Devika, A 20-year-old college-going girl was married to the mafia leader Abhinav. After her marriage, her husband started torturing her for some reason which she doesn't know. Will she ever come to know why she is being tortured?Join Abhinav and Devika's, bittersweet love journey and be a part of their journey.. . . Warning- Disturbing scene ahead like violence, rape and mental abuse. Read at your own risk. It's a work of fiction. So, kindly take it as fiction. English isn't my first language so apologizing in advance for grammatical errors.

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72 Chapters
"Please, don't leave my daughter. Where will she go? Why are you doing this to her? At least think about your unborn child"A middle-aged woman is crying and saying all this to a young man who is sitting in front of her crossing his legs. He is looking impassive by the woman's word. He is smoking a cigarette. He said between his smoking," how are you feeling right now seeing your daughter being thrown away by her husband? You are feeling vulnerable, right? That's how my mother felt in the past".The woman looked confused and asked him wiping her tears," what are you talking about? Whose mother? Who are you?"The man laughed and said," you don't have to know who am i. But remember one thing, I will punish you for your sins by the cruellest way".Suddenly a young girl who is holding her 5-month pregnant belly said with a heavy voice," Ma..let's go from here. He has ruined 2 years of my life. Now, I have understood how to survive in this world. I do
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Abhinav AgnihotriA 29-year-old billionaire businessman who has a deep connection with the mafia. He is 6'4" with a muscular body and tanned skin tone indicating he had spent many days under the burning Sun. His dark black eyes and black hairs give him another level of handsomeness. Because of his huge body structure, he looks like a beast. People fear him because of his cruelty. No one dares to mess with him. He has struggled a lot in his life. He has seen so much pain in his life that makes him a heartless monster. In his life only three things he cares the most. His siblings, himself and his thirst of revenge.Arnav AgnihotriThe younger brother of Abhinav Agnihotri. He is 25 years old and a good doctor. He is a jolly minded person and also wants a peaceful life only. He loves his family a lot especially his brother who is like a God for him.Avantika AgnihotriT
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Chapter 1- A living Doll
Author's p.o.vIt's a beautiful spring day. Light winds are blowing all around. People are busy with their own business.A group of girls consisting of 5 members are eating panipuri( Indian snacks) in front of a panipuri stall.They are laughing and talking about many things. One of them is looking very eye-catching because of her beautiful smile. She is smiling like a carefree person. She is wearing a black colour long skirt with an orange colour top. Her dress is looking too much good on her. Her waist-length black hairs are blowing on the light winds. Her slim figure is hugging her dress nicely showing a glimpse of her beautiful figure.Suddenly another girl said to that girl," Devika, let's go to Arushi's Birthday party. She has invited all of us".Devika said confusingly, " yes, Arushi has also invited me. But she is a rich girl. Is it ok to go to her house for the birthday party? I mean we are not any match by her status... Moreo
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Chapter 2- Nightmares
Abhinav's p.o.vTears are flowing down from my eyes continuously. Arushi has slept on my lap after crying so much. Arnav and Avantika are crying continuously clutching my feet."Bhai(brother), where are they taking ma(mother)? Why isn't she opening her eyes? Avantika asked me.I can't tell anything to them that our mother is gone forever. Police are taking down her dead body. I couldn't look at her face. Her whole face is whitish. We all cried loudly....Ma.......Ma.....I screamed and woke up from my sleep. I am sweating too much. My whole body is trembling because of fear. Those nightmares are bothering me for the last 14 years. I can't forget those painful memories of her.I looked at my watch and it's 8 a.m. I got down from my bed and went to washroom to take a shower. I took a cold shower and got ready for the office. I went downstairs for br
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Chapter 3- Intimidating Man
Author's p.o.vArushi has arranged her birthday party in the garden of her house. She has managed everything carefully so that no one feels disturbed at her house. Moreover, she doesn't want to be punished by Abhinav.She knew when it comes to punishment Abhinav behaves like a savage.Arushi's friends have started coming. Arushi is talking with them. Arnav and Avantika are also here. They are here to meet with Arushi's all friend. Arnav is smilingly talking with all of them. Girls are looking at him with awe and talking with him, surrounding him in circle.After all, he is so handsome.But Avantika is always a moody person. She doesn't smile that much. She is just saying hi and hello. that's it. Abhinav is not here. He doesn't like parties. That's w
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Chapter 4- Filthy Shadow
Devika's p.o.vHe said with his dangerous voice," How dare you to enter this room. Your filthy shadow is enough to taint this pure place."He is choking my neck cutting my oxygen supplies. He lifted me from the ground grabbing my throat. I am crawling and thrashing my hands at him to leave me. But his eyes are not showing any mercy or softness. I can only see rage in those dark orbs.Suddenly, Arnav Agnihotri entered into the room and started shaking that beast's hand to leave me.Arnav said loudly," Bhai, what are you doing?  She will die. Leave her".But that beast is not leaving my throat. I am losing my sense. My eyes started shuttering.Arnav forcefully freed me from that beast's clutch. He left me and I am almost going to land on the floor when Arnav held me.I coughed loudly and suc
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Chapter 5- Marriage Proposal
Author's p.o.vBhabani Gupta is in her office room. She is pacing here and there. Looking at her face anyone can say that she is depressed.Her whole mind is occupied by the fact that her company is bankrupted. Her all shares have been bought by some other company. She hasn't paid two months salary to her employees. She is completely devastated by all these things.This company is the only earning source of her. If she loses this company totally then she will come to the road. She is trying her best to save her company. She has already requested other companies to share with her company but no one is showing any kind of interest.And she knows that someone is intentionally doing all this to her. But she isn't sure yet. She is thinking all this when her manager nikhilesh entered her room hurriedly.His face is looking
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Chapter 6- Can't wait to break you!
Devika's p.o.v I am sitting in front of the mirror wearing a maroon colour saree. Ruhi is putting some jewellery on me. She also did some little makeup on my face to make me look more beautiful. Neel is helping ma in arranging the food decoration and other things. Ma came to my room and looking at me she put a black dot behind my ear to keep me away from any kind of bad eye. She said looking at me," My daughter is looking too beautiful ". Saying that she kissed my forehead. Well, today Mr Abhinav Agnihotri is coming to fix our engagement and marriage date. Yes, I have agreed to this marriage because I didn't have any choice. What can I do! Without this marriage, Mr Abhinav was not helping ma. And for me, My ma is everything. For her, I can give my life and this is just a marriage.
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Chapter 7- Marriage
Devika's p.o.vMy family members are very busy with the arrangement because today is my wedding.Yes, today I am going to be that beast's wife. This thought is making me afraid and vulnerable. I can't imagine what will happen to me. I don't get any positive vibe from him. His aura is totally dark. His looks, his talks, his behaviour.. everything scares me.At our engagement ceremony when he was putting the ring he held my hand so tightly that it left a slight bruise on my hand.That bruise is fading out from my hand but it's not fading out from my mind. I remembered his words " I can't wait to break you".This sentence is always ringing in my ear making my heartbeat fast.I am feeling like something bad is going to happen. But, one thing I am sure that whatever he will do to me, I will always protect my family
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Chapter 8- Raghav!
Author's p.o.vListening to Abhinav, Devika became frozen on her place. She is looking at Abhinav with her fearful expression. Sweat beads are forming on her forehead.And Abhinav is seeing her with pure disgust. He is thinking that devika also loves Raghav.Their eye contacts are broken whenRaghav said," Devika, you can't do this to me. I love you".Abhinav looked at Raghav and again punched Raghav. Raghav landed on the floor with a thud.This time Devika couldn't see anymore this whole drama. She understood that Abhinav is going to be violent with Raghav. Though she doesn't love Raghav but she wants to save Raghav from Abhinav's wrath because of humanity.She said," Listen, Raghav. I never loved you. You proposed me and I had always rejected you. So, don't create any drama here".Raghav stood up from the floor and said crying," I know devika. But, I love you. What can I do! Without you, I will die. Please don't marry him"
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