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Young Attracta is thrown out alongside her parents and has to live with her aunt to further her almost done education. During her stay, she faces many challenges and uncovers some secrets, it turns out the Peters aren't the picture perfect family they portray. Enjoy the intriguing story of Attracta.

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124 Chapters
Chapter One
"Get lost!" someone yelled at me as I tried to cross the road and I chastised myself for being so carefree about my surroundings to the extent of almost walking into a car. The streets of Lagos weren't those to play on. The whistles and shouts of "hey" and "hello" from the street thugs popularly referred to as "agberos" filled the air as I walked past.Some even had the effrontery and shamelessness to call me names such as "overload" and "heavy duty". It's not entirely their fault though, we can blame it on my sizeable butt. I ignored their calls and wolf whistles as I trotted down the alleyway. I sighed in relief as I realised I had passed them all without harassments. You might be wondering, what could the reason for my testimony be?, but I was a seventeen year old against a pack of wolves. Hard competition. My joy however didn't last long as I felt a hand grope my butt from
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Chapter Two
 With time I got accustomed to the Peters' house and important details about them such as the address. Aunty made me memorise her phone number and I took a mini tour of some parts of the estate, more like a few streets around ours just in case of necessities. One could never be too cautious.One particular house caught my attention, It was different from all the other houses in the estate in terms of structure and paintings and exterior decor too.
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Chapter Three
It'd been three days since I helped Ruby out without a thank you in return. Not like I cared but courtesy demanded. I was currently in my room completing a crossword puzzle book I got on my way to Aunty's house, I was glad I bought it.I was dragged out of puzzle land by the sound of my door opening to reveal the queen herself."What do you want?" I asked without looking up from my book.
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Chapter Four
I looked around and took in my surroundings, the vast area of land, the neatly trimmed hedges and the burst of clean air. In all it's magnificent glory stood Belleview College. I and Aunty came for the interview that would complete my admission process. I was to resume into ss2 and I couldn't wait. I missed my old friends and I also couldn't wait to make new ones.We got a form and I was going to fill it myself but then
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Chapter Five
The day went by in a blur,the teachers were so nice, I got to meet the infamous friends of Ella, Emmanuel her twin brother, Tunji the clown, James the foodie and Aisha the ticking bomb. Turned out Aisha and Ella were friends. They were all amazing people and I was glad to have them as friends.I was currently going round the school in search of Ruby so we could go home because I didn't know my way around this place. It's been about thirty minutes of me going round in circles and I was about giving up until I heard muffled voices coming from be
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Chapter Six
Days have gone by and I was already accustomed to my new environment. I was actually loving it already. I had great friends, a lot of people actually wanted to get to know me,some sent glares towards me for something I have no idea about,who dey epp, Emmanuel never fails to torment me at every chance he gets. But to sum it all up, the school was amazing.It was the twins' birthday today and we were all adding the finishing touches. I pleaded with my foods and nutrition teacher to allow me use the oven to bake but only after school hours to kee
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Chapter Seven
Weeks had gone by and the midterms were here. Joe actually did text me and we got talking. We were close friends right now but something doesn't quite add up, coupled with the fact that whenever I ask him to sit with I and my friends he always declines and sits with his set of friends. I don't blame him actually I also won't want to sit anywhere but with my friends so I dropped the offers.I was done writing the notes with the help of my friends, excluding Emmanuel, obviously.
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Chapter Eight
I kept nurturing these unsure feelings inside me and I felt torn. The exams were fast approaching and I had this nervousness within me that I wasn't going to exceed the probation grades. I was having lunch with my friends when all of a sudden a commotion ensued at the entrance of the cafeteria and drew the attention of everyone.It was Joe and Emmanuel who were mid-argument and I was about to head there when Aisha held m
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Chapter Nine
It's been a couple of weeks since the kiss and I've done well at avoiding Emmanuel. Even at lunch I always looked away from his gaze. I guess he got the memo later on and backed off.Exams are coming up in a few days and I felt really nervous, these exams could make or break my progress in Belleview College, I wasn't going to let myself, Aunty and my parents down. The exam time table was out already and I've been studying hard.
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Chapter Ten
It was the school's Christmas carol in a few days and the each set were supposed to sing a song at the carol and the students were to also present a short nativity play. Right now the ss2 students where in the Arts class- my class, trying to decide what song we would present at the carol. Ella sat with Aisha and I, well more like between us, Emmanuel surprisingly sat be
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