71. Interrogation - Part 3

"Shall we start from the beginning?" Eldrick stood up from his chair and walked around Hiro who was still slouching on the ground. Not once did he raise his head to meet the Lord in the eye, an action that he had rudely followed when he had entered the room a few minutes ago.

Eldrick did not avert his gaze away from him while he continued walking. He only stopped when he was right behind him. Hiro did not dare turn towards his back and face the Lord. He was too petrified to even move. He had already annoyed the Lord by lying to him. He did not want to anger him more.

Eldrick picked up the dagger that was lying by the door, and walked back to his chair, an action that did not go unnoticed by Hiro. His body stiffened as Eldrick approached him and he sat frozen in his place.

Eldrick dropped the dagger on the table with a thud, the sound loud enough to send Hiro's heart thundering in fright.

"I expect an answer when I put forth a question." Eldrick gritted hi

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