Chapter 54

One Month Later

I stood in front of my floor length mirror, my eyes narrowing suspiciously at the dress that flowed down my body. A nearly endless sea of deep green silk rolled down my body, my hair rippled down my back in dark waves.  

Dad wanted to call the stylists for today’s events, but I refused. My stomach was a cocoon of nerves and knots. The last thing I wanted was a team of people fluttering around me. I had Shannon do my make-up, her steady hands putting my eyeliner on effortlessly.

“The dress looks amazing.” Shannon nodded, giving it a long look as I stood in front of the mirror.

“You’re only saying that because you picked it out.” I chuckled, giving her a playful eyeroll.

“And I did a damn good job.” Shannon huffed, fixing the straps of her own dress.

A wave of calming energy washed over me as Viktor stepped out of the bathroom. His chocolate hair was tousled, begging to have

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