Chapter 32

When we pull into the pack house driveway, Colin and our dad’s are waiting for us. I get out of the car and my dad pulls me in for a big hug.

“So I am going to be a grandfather, huh? Do you think it will finally be the boy I always wanted?”

I pulled back and punched him, not lightly, in the shoulder.

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Comments (6)
goodnovel comment avatar
She is dumber than dirt.... Samantha all but signed it herself.
goodnovel comment avatar
Julia Rebolo
Why does she keep hiding thing. It’s getting annoying. But loving the book except her being stupid all the time. Also if she is top warrior why does she never fit for her self. She let him do whatever he want all the time.
goodnovel comment avatar
Aahhh!!! She is really stupid. I don't understand why hide the note from her mate when it involves her life and her pup...

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