70 | Wedding Bells

Ananya's POV 

It is been 3 months since I have conceived the baby. Everything is going fine because of him and his mother. Both of them are taking care of me a lot. 

His mother is giving me so much love that I have never received before. She is loving me just like her daughter. Because of her, I am feeling what a mother's love feels like. His mother has told me everything about the pregnancy so that I don't get anxious about the changes in my body. She has told me what is good for the baby, what should I eat and what should I avoid. Now I know how much she has loved her when she was carrying Aarav in her womb. But she never appreciates that love. 

Not only she but he is also very careful about what I am eating nowadays. One day I was about to eat papaya when he stopped me from eating it and from that day only he has ordered the kitchen head not to bring papaya at home for a few months. 

I am a li

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Robin Lunsford
he will apologize now that he wants her to stay and by her having that baby
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Sue Crabtree
Why didn’t you tell me all this earlier?

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