Chapter 384

A smile broke through Angel’s teary face. She nodded enthusiastically.

The smile on her face showcased her dimples. The little girl looked especially pretty when she was happy.

The frustration in Monique’s heart melted away. She hugged her daughter and gave her a light kiss on the forehead.

She knew Henry was an important figure in Angel’s life and so was she.

Angel once said that if Henry harmed her, she would leave with Monique without asking any questions.

For Angel and her own sake, was she able to conquer her own insecurities and take a step forward?

Monique entertained the thoughts of being with Henry but her fear and insecurity hampered her.

She took a liking to the man but she could not shake the feeling that he was only playing with her. She was a toy that could be discarded anytime he was bored.

What could she do to make him stay?

Monique stood up and gave Henry a gentle smile. She then said, “Enjoy your meal. I’ll wait for you.”

The smile was easy and attractive. I
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