Chapter 467

The woman beside Henry poured him another glass of wine. He raised his glass and took a sip.

There was a sly grin on Logan’s gorgeous face. “I heard that you hid a woman in your home. Is that true?”

Henry’s face darkened and rolled his eyes. “Shut up and drink.”

Logan obeyed, taking a glass and chugging.

Looking at how Henry downed glass after glass, Stella’s heart ached and a frown formed on her pretty face.

“Hen, don’t drink too much,” Stella said gently.

Then, she placed some snacks onto Henry’s plate.

However, Henry had no intentions of eating it.

She then took some snacks and reached out to Henry’s mouth.

Henry did not open his mouth and things got a little awkward for a moment. However, he thought that Stella would be a potential candidate as Angel’s stepmom if he needed one.

She was kind and polite, and their family was also very close. She was also well-educated which would be beneficial for Angel’s education.

Stella was rather persistent. “You don’t like this? I’ll
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