Chapter 860

"I've hired a very powerful dancing teacher for you!" Louise looked at Monique with a proud face. When she spoke, she raised her eyebrows high.

"Very powerful, how powerful?" Monique raised her eyebrows. "Can I refuse such a powerful teacher? I'm so scared!"

Monique felt warm in her heart.

But she knew very well that the more powerful a teacher was, the higher the charge would be.

She no longer had much money on her.

Louise worked hard to earn money, and all the previous money was spent on teaching her ex-boyfriend tuition.

She didn't have much money indeed.

How could she use her money?

But she didn't show it. She just joked with Louise.

In fact, she was also a little tempted.

She had just thought about Henry's performance when he came to watch her folk dance on the stage.

All of a sudden, she wanted to invite a teacher. Although she couldn't dance so well, she didn't need to have the folk dance.

Although she knew the distance between him and Henry.

Somehow, she wanted to
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