Chapter 976

"Go and find your own partner!" Henry rolled his deep black eyes at Ling Jing coldly.

Then he pulled Little Nomi into his arms and slowly said to Ling Jing, "Don't you think you're a little redundant?"

Little Nomi: "..."

Monique: "..."

Ling Jing: "..."

"Don't be so direct!"

She had long felt that she was redundant.

She hadn't found a suitable opportunity to leave yet.

If she had just said that she wanted to leave, it would be having acted on purpose.

"I'm here for you, Young Master Moore."

"But you still dislike me!"

"Is there any justice?"

The corner of Monique's mouth twitched. Although she knew that Henry was going to take her back to the old mansion, she didn't drive her away like this.

Monique said, "Jingjing, he's joking. Don't take it seriously."

A sweet smile appeared on Ling Jing's beautiful face. "Don't worry, I won't!"

Henry raised his eyebrows slightly. "I'm not kidding. That's all for today's dance practice. I want to take Monique home to see my parents!"

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