Chapter 1145

Monique's body tightened, and she blinked in confusion, moved her pink lips, and wanted to explain, "I!"

"I told you to get out. Didn't you hear me?" The man's bottomless black eyes became colder and colder, but in the bottomless place, there was a layer of faint sadness.

Henry was really afraid that Monique would mention that man as soon as he opened his mouth.

The air pressure in the office was very low, and the temperature also dropped to the extreme.

Monique looked at Henry's dark and deep eyes, which were full of hostility.

She also moved backward in fear.

That day, he pinched her neck like a demon and she still remembered it.

Her reason made her slow down.

But emotions made her want to move forward.

She found that he was changing.

She also wanted to grow up with him and change together.

"I won't leave." Monique plucked up the courage to move to the side of Henry, and then lowered her voice. "Don't drive me away, okay?"

Her soft pleading voice flowed into Henry's heart
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