Chapter 1389

Steve Lee’s face was as swollen as a pig. He was screaming furiously while his mouth and nose were bleeding profusely.

He was an extremely well-known prodigy back in Country J, adept at literature and combat prowess!

He was also the last disciple of the Taekwondo master back in the day!

The representative of Star Chaebol’s kid!

No matter the perspective, he was still a big character with a great status.

But at this moment, he was just a drowning dog in front of Harvey. He had exhausted all his strength to fight back.

The most important thing was if Harvey used any legendary move against Steve, he would definitely admit defeat.

But Harvey was just using the palm of his hand.

‘I don’t care how fancy or terrifying Steve’s moves are.

‘I’ll come at him with slaps across his face.

‘The important thing is that he can’t block them even if he wanted to. Dodging them is also out of the question!’


With another slap, Steve was once again sent flying.

“Come, you mighty character
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