Chapter 1455

The sight had made Stray Dog frantically change his expression. He did not know that Harvey York already had plans for such an occasion.

He then exclaimed coldly at this moment, “Don’t mind the others. Grab your guns and kill him!”

On Stray Dog’s orders, thirty men wearing camouflage uniforms pulled out their guns from their waists.

Bang bang bang!

Loud shots were echoing in the alley. All the men that had their guns aimed right at Harvey fell to the ground without making a sound.

Small bullet holes could be seen on their heads.

Stray Dog’s expression frantically changed. He subconsciously turned his head around.

The fighters in black suits all made way. A rogue-looking man then walked out from the middle of the alley.

The look on Stray Dog changed immediately after seeing the man.

“Tyson Woods? Didn’t my men surround you? How did you get out?”

Stray Dog had already sent a hundred men to surround Tyson, but he still showed up then. At that moment, Stray Dog had a bad feeling
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