The Unexpected Trip

The Unexpected Trip

By:  Ayron  Ongoing
Language: English
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Hannah is an adventurous brave lady. She loves to be with her friends always. Her mom and dad got separated when she was a kid but they were now together again because of Hannah. One day, Hannah was invited by her friendship to go for a beach bonding. She was about to cross the street that time but something came up. An unexpected thing happened to her. Hannah with her 6 friends experienced mysterious adventures. Every door they entered is a very challenging stage, they have to find the door that will take them home by answering the tag with a riddle. The doors bring them to different situation like a time-travel with a twist.

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penny medley
kept my interest in reading. very good reading. enjoyed.
2021-05-18 08:23:38
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penny medley
very interesting. can not wait to find out what happens. Hope it will have more chapters soon.
2020-10-27 02:45:58
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Yaica Lliam Yambao
I love the story! This story is perfect for kids too. Thank you author!
2020-08-31 12:16:49
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Aly Tagle
The story is really exciting. It brings different emotions to the readers. Great story author!
2020-08-12 22:00:33
user avatar
penny medley
love reading this book. would love to see what happens next. it has kept my interest up.
2021-02-09 19:02:47
54 Chapters
Hannah's POVHi! I am Avereign Hannah Fuentez, the daughter of Harold Fuentez, a Prosecutor and Innah Fuentez, a Surgeon. My mom and dad are not divorced but they both decided to be separated. The reason why? Well, I don't know! I really don't know why, I don't know who between them did something wrong. I was just a kid when my parents got separated. I thought it's just because my dad is always busy with his clients that's why he's not coming home but I'm wrong, there's happening something that I didn't know, a sin done by one of them that made them reached that point, a separation. That time, I was just a kid who loves telling a story, some scenes I have encountered somewhere else. I have no idea that my stories helped my mom realized something that made them come back t
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One morning, Hannah wake up with a big smile in her face but when she saw her mom and dad crying, her smile fades and turned into a serious face. She keeps on asking both of her parents what's wrong but they are not answering. She woke up and get off to the bed and shout. Hey mom! Dad! What's going on? I don't understand what's happening? Please answer me, she asked with a loud shout on them.But still her mom and dad are crying and it seems like they don't care and they don't hear her asking what's wrong. I thundering opened the door and walked out. Surprisingly, I saw my friends from my room downstairs. This is the scene I'd never encountered in my whole life because my friends never went in our house even there are special events in my life, she s
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Kesiah, Kiarra and Adam continuously run to reach the safe house they saw and save their lives while Dave and Hannah decided to go back where Terrence is, to save their friend. Yes! They go back to save their friend while there are bombs exploding, gunshots from the soldiers who are still fighting for their rights and freedom from the abusive government they have.Still, they don't understand what's happening and how they get there in the war field knowing that they are in Hannah's house then suddenly they get there in a war field. What a mysterious thing happened to them. All they know is that, whatever it is, they have to get out of there alive and complete. Dave saw his bestfriend Terrence, who is trying to escape, wounded and don't have enough strength to save his life at the middle of the
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Everybody needs to use their minds to solve what's written on the tag. Dave thinks best when he walk around. Until, he got the hint told by Hannah. A person who needs to rest in peace. He knew that, Hannah is pertaining to a dead person. Uggghh. Grrr..! I hate myself. It's on the tip of my tongue. I knew the answer but I can't say it. I don't know the exact word to say. Please help me guys, think fast or else we will stay here for life, Hannah said with a bit mad of herself.Adam looked at the door, he noticed that it has a very unique color. It is gold and there is a tag on the knob. A few minutes of looking at it, he observed that every 5 minutes, the door color fades.Guys, let's think fast. I noticed that every 5 minutes the color of the do
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Hannah, what happened? Where are you? Please wave your hands I can't see you around, Dave shouted at Hannah. He swims fast to help Hannah, the girl he always want to be with. Daaaaavvvvveeee! she waved her hands many times and shouted Dave's name. Dave saw Hannah, but if he will help the two girls he can only save one of them so he ask for help and he called Adam. Aaadddddaaaaaamm! Where are you? Please help me save the girls over there, they need help. The ocean is approaching its highest and strongest waves and if that will happen no one will stay alive. They will not see each other. Neither the girls nor the boys. The waves will destroy them, like a thing floating in it. Like a boat that floats but suddenly sinks.
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Unexpectedly, she saw something above the tree. But she can't see it clearly because of the light coming from the sun. Kesiah decided to call her friends. Hannnaaaah! Kiaaarrraaa! Vhhiaaaannn! Come here! I have something to show you. Kesiah shouted at her friends. The three came to see what Kesiah wants to show to them. Kesiah, pointed her finger above the tree. Guys! Look there's something above the tree but I can't recognize it because the light  comes into my eyes and I can't see it clearly. Do you? We can't see that thing too because of the sun. All the girls were curious about that thing above the tree because it shaped like rectangle above the tree.
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Hannah, I think your answer is right. It is a mother, Dave said.Based on my observation, it is possible that our answer is incomplete. Maybe there are words missing in it, Adam said while he's tapping his chin many times, his mannerism when he thinks and analyzes situation go deeper. Aha! You're right Adam! Now, realized that every woman can be a mother, said Vhiann. But not all of them can give birth. Other women became mothers when they adopt children, Terrence added. And some women give birth to their children and they are the biological mother, Kesiah emphasized. So, are you telling us that "BIOLOGICAL MOTHER" is the answer? Kiarra asked.
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They thought if they will allow Adam to stay inside the train they will all get infected. They all shouted at Adam except Hannah and said, Adam go outside if you want to save your friends' lives. Do not stay here. After five minutes you'll become a zombie.Hey guys! Stop, don't say that. Adam tried to save all of us here when he closed the last window though he knew that he might be bitten by the zombies outside, Hannah shouted and her dark side came out. Hannah hugged Adam and said, don't worry Adam I am here. Don't you dare do anything not good at Adam or else... She take off her handkerchief in her head that she tied on her hair when they're in the war field. Hannah tied it to Adam's wound tightly. Adam, everything will be fine, trust me. No one will hurt you, they'll hurt me first before th
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After seeing eight hands that midnight, knowing that they are only three (Hannah, Adam and the old man) are possible persons behind the cloth that moment. They started to think that they are not the only people inside the train.  If there are eight hands behind the cloth, there's a possibility that someone entered the train and we didn't noticed him and  maybe that is because, we are all busy on how we execute our plans to save our lives but now... Terrence said in a sad if we have choice, he continued. What we have to do is to trust the supreme being above. If we are destined to die now or God will save us from here, he added smarlty.A zombie? A killer? Whether zombie or killer, one thing is for sure! We are n
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The killer really makes Adam and Hannah tired, he didn't even stop for a minute. He's running after the two the whole day while Terrence and Dave are finding ways on how they'll save their friends from the zombies. Huhhhuuuu! Haaaaahhh! Adam gasped! his sweat flows continuously. I am sooo-ooo thiiiiiiirrrrrrsty! I-iiiii wannnn-nnna stop running. I'm so tired.Hannah holds his hand and said, don't stop running, we have to reach the perfect place for us to rest, come on! I am sure we'll find a way, she lends her arms to Adam to support him and run again... They run while looking at their back caused them to stumbled. Uhhhhh! Shocks! When they opened their eyes, they saw someone standing in front of them. That shoes? They looked at each other's e
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