Chapter 1457

Right when Harvey York struck down the so-called King of Swords.

At the entrance of the University of South Light.

An anxious figure walked out at this moment.

Xynthia Zimmer looked at the time on her phone and swiftly called Harvey a couple of times, but nobody picked up.

“Brother-In-Law is so mean! How dare he not pick up the phone?!”

Xynthia frowned slightly. Harvey agreed to come with her to university, but he wasn’t even there yet.

“Hello, are you Ms. Xynthia by any chance?”

A tall and handsome man walked toward Xynthia and politely asked.

“I am, and you are…”

“I am one of the students attending University of South Light. The teacher asked me to show you around…” The man replied while smiling.

Xynthia was feeling a bit suspicious.

“How come I didn’t know about this?”

The man looked at his surroundings and chuckled.

“This is the introduction letter. You’ll know when you see it…”

Xynthia curiously peeked at the letter. But at the next moment, the man furiously took out
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