The Voice in The Dark

The Voice in The Dark

By:  Josev Quadra  Completed
Language: English
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A large TV company Kikanasih Company with Eka Tanaya as the President is going to marry Rina, a famous daughter who just lost her whole company due to accumulated debt to Kikanasih company. Rina is now forced to be married to Eka to repay her family debt and her mother's medical expenses. At first, Rina only thought of his husband as a narcissistic power-hungry man who loves to tease her and bully her as a merely arrogant President who loves to bully the weak. However, after living in a false marriage life with Eka she's starting to see another looming darkness that shrouds Eka's life.

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Eka and Rina are such a naughty couple, add Eka's friend too! Haha. Your narration is great. It really pulled me into Rina and Eka's world. Great job!
2021-03-07 21:11:53
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Can't wait to see more or your updates author! As a new author you have the potential to be better!
2021-01-21 10:37:11
99 Chapters
Ch 1: The Lost Marriage
The main hall in the east wing of the God Sanctum Cathedral had been booked exclusively by the Kikanasih TV Company. Inside, a muscular man wearing a three-piece white tuxedo waited impatiently. Despite the great size of the main hall, only a few people are allowed to enter. The President of Kikanasih TV has booked it for a private wedding ceremony, and only a few people were invited.This wedding was held for the President to marry the daughter of the Mentari TV company. Since Mentari TV company has accumulated debt to Kikanasih TV company, they had to do something to fix the financial issues. This may sound cliche, but using women as an asset to repay the company debt is a normal thing in a business relationship. Thus leads to Eka and Rina marriage, marriage based on money instead of love.In front of the party hall door, there's Eka looking at his watch impatiently while tapping his left foot on the shiny marble floor. Not long after his endless tapping on the floor
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Ch 2: The Hunter Moves
After the marriage oath, she is at a loss for words. The crowds are gathering around her, curious about the President's new wife. Some of them even touched without her consent, she couldn't help but yelp at the foreign touch. She glared at the person who just touched her back. It was a man she never knew before.He has handsome facial features, his grey colored suit brushed against her bare shoulder playfully.His eyes are lustful and shining with curiosity, his yellow pupils aimed toward her body figure. He smiled as he grabbed Rina's wrist."You're hot" he smiled.Rina pushed him harshly, scared of his lustful gaze toward her. Not long after what she did, a group of women gathered around her judging her."Oh, so you're President Eka's new wife? You're a sore eye!!"."What did you just do to President Rizky!? You're such an idiot!".The man she just pushed is a President? She thought horrifyingly.Sh
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Ch 3: The Mistress Moves
Rina opened her eyes the next day, only to see her tears have dried up and her eyes had swollen. She went out of her room, still tired because of crying herself until midnight. She realizes that there's a sandwich on top of the dining table. Nabila smiled at the discouraged Rina."Mistress I have prepared your breakfast", she bowed with a smile.She nodded to her and sat on the dining table, the sandwich tasted wonderful to the point Rina scarfed it down hungrily. Nabila told her that the young master isn't around so she recommended I take a detour around the condominium. She looked around the condominium curiously and found herself mesmerized by the large swimming pool on the balcony.Most of the house interior is white, in contrast to his usual stern look he seems to like the color that reflects gentleness. She traced her fingers to the dining room grey mahogany table, she soon walked to the balcony where the open swimming pool was located. Rina dipped one of
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Ch 4: The Secret Affairs
Rina is surprised by the president's sudden appearance, his caramel skin and tall muscular build made him stand out among the crowds. He came in with a handsome man she never met before. He's slim but well built, the man next to him clings to Eka affectionately. Rina came to wonder whether Eka swings that way as well."I only hope he didn't recognize me" Rina sighed."What's with that long sigh? You're letting your fortune slip away" Kevin rubbed her hair.Rina feels uncomfortable with the presence of that forceful man inside the Sweet Kiss Nightclub. She tries to hide herself by tying her hair in bun style. She added a tattoo sticker on her left cheek, not sure if it works out to camouflage herself though. Kevin only laughed at Rina panicked actions, he pinched his junior flustered face."Ouch!" Rina pouted."You're so cute Rina, I can glomp you" Kevin still pinching his cheek.Kevin can come off as quite affectionate and that made her cowo
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Ch 5: Lost and Found
"Aldi?" Rina looked at the familiar man who suddenly showed up out of nowhere.Eka looked at his wife's expression and smiled grimly. It seems like he loves the reaction his wife had right now. The expression of despair and loss, it's the first time he sees his wife this fragile because of meeting some low life commoner. Eka gazed toward the man behind the annoying woman, Aldi was it? Eka's smile grows sour as he sees how that commoner can affect his wife more than he did."This is so boring" Eka growled at the woman who dressed like a prostitute in front of him."How dare you! You left me behind! I am the daughter of Hills Company! My father will hear about this" the woman yelled at the cold president."Woman like you disinterest me, leave at once", Eka ordered the annoying woman who has been clinging on his arm like a hungry beast. The woman has been rubbing her meaty breast on Eka caramel skin, somewhat annoying the president. Eka looks at his wife whe
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Ch 6: The False Marriage Life
Surprisingly there's no news that mentioning Eka's secret affair with another woman, yesterday was a disaster. Eka found out Rina's secret job and reprimanded Kevin for involving his wife in a shabby nightclub. Fortunately, Kevin didn't bear any ill intention to the couple, Rina felt rather guilty for involving her coworker's though."If you want to work as a bartender, I can recommend you a good bar for you to work in", Eka said indifferently as he read the stacks of reports on his desk. Rina ignored her husband's words as she scrolled the touchpad in her laptop for a job vacancy she can join. She feels rather sad that her previous coworkers' got scorned by her husband, she had to repay their hospitality somehow."You're ignoring me, what a difficult woman" Eka sighed as she watched Rina's indifferent expression."You're the one who's being difficult" Rina closed her laptop harshly."Me? Why's that?" Eka asked coldly.Rina walked to Eka and slamme
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Ch 7: Invisible to the Eyes
Dear mum,Mum, how are you doing?I've been doing well in the Tanaya household! The president can be a little bit annoying though.Wait, no he's very annoying!I am so exhausted, dealing with my new husband's antics!I wonder if you still remember me? The doctor said your dementia is getting more severe.The next thing I know you might have already forgotten me as your daughter.Even so, I hope that your health improves mum.I would do anything to save you, mum. Dad is now selling DVDs and opened an online shop for figurines. I'm not sure that it will help your medical expenses, but I want to believe in dad. Even if he's already betrayed the company and gave our rights to the Kikanasih Company.I heard that Eka staff has been taking care of you in an overseas hospital. I'm so grateful for Eka's help, despite his annoying attitude. Indone
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Ch 8: The Storm is Coming
In a certain mansion...The little boy watched in horror as his father slapped his beloved mother harshly, his father then continued with a belt. The courageous young boy stands between his father and mother, he reaches out his hand to help his mother only to be shoved aside by his father's force.The little boy was thrown back, only to be helped by his younger siblings. He realized how horrible his father was to his beloved mother. Even so, his mother kept smiling like nothing bad ever happened.The little boy loves to see his mother smile, his mother taught him kindness and how it is important in daily lives. The three siblings would sleep together while their mother sang them a lullaby to sleep. London Bridge is Falling downFalling downFalling downLondon Bridge is Falling downMy fair lady… As she
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Ch 9: Hunted in the Dark
In a certain mansion, at night... "Mum can you read me another bedtime story?", a little boy tiptoed to a guest bedroom in the manor. The guest bedroom is the place where the little boy mum usually knitted. He knocked the door gently, but then the door opened on its own. It is very unusual for the little boy mum to leave the door open since she's a very private person, to begin with."Mum?", the little boy asked.He entered the room only to see the usual white carpeted floor turn into bloody red. The room reeks of rotten flesh and the boy rubbed his nose annoyed by the rotten smell. He walked and then saw a familiar person hung up into the air. That person was his beloved mother, her face was putrid and pale. He looked toward the ceiling and noticed that a jointed blanket was tied to the ceiling platform, formed like a rope.The little boy's mother's neck was hung up with that blanket, with a fallen ch
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Ch 10: The Starting Point
It is unclear about the perpetrator's objectives in killing their own teammate. The police came and gathered around the lifeless corpse in the hallway. One of the police officers set a striking yellow line like what Rina usually sees in crime dramas.However, this happened in reality and not in a drama she usually fawned over. A fine-looking gentleman that she recognized from the night club appeared. His mid-length raven hair and stylish white glasses. That man is the man he spotted with Eka at the nightclub."Oh Mrs. Tanaya, good day", the fine man bowed his head politely to Rina. Rina bowed back to respond to his formalities."My name is Roy, it is a pleasure to meet you" the gentleman cupped Rina forehand as he kneeled. The gentleman had a very striking white leather coat. His appearance was somewhat similar to a scientist because of his white coat. He wore a black fedora, carrying a cane on his left hand.Roy's brunette straight hair made him look lik
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