Chapter 1826

“Director Jean?”

Benjamin was indifferent.

“She wasn’t the Director before, and she won’t have the chance to be the Director in the future.”

“From now on, she is not the Deputy Director anymore.”

Benjamin only needed to say one sentence to get rid of the evil Elisa.


The female star who just spoke was dissatisfied. “Director Jean isn’t just the Deputy Director of Mordu Police Station!”

“She’s also a member of the Jean family of Mordu!”

“Do you really think you can do anything to her?”

This female star had become popular only recently. Her status in the entertainment industry was about the same as Fred’s.

Seeing her idol Elisa n beaten and threatened by the other party into losing her title, the female star was deeply unhappy.

Benjamin took the handkerchief his secretary handed to him and slowly wiped his fingers. At the same time, he said indifferently, “Then you should ask Elisa and see if the Jeans can protect her.”

“Shut up!”

Elisa quickly stood back up and s
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