Chapter 1852

Just when Harvey York was taking care of Lebron…

Justin Walker was standing outside the operating room at the Fraternity Hospital, and his complexion was horrible.

Highly respected doctors in Mordu surrounded him, including the Sacred hand, the brain surgeon; the True Master, the cardiologist; and so on.

It was rare for those people to gather together. However, all of them were frowning at this moment.

Justin looked at the X-rays in front of him. His face was getting darker and darker.

“Dr. Frost, has the plan come out?

“Several hours have already passed.

“I’m afraid that my wife won’t survive if this drags on.”

At this moment, Justin’s face was utterly hideous.

In the past few hours, Angelina John’s condition did improve several times, and she could even move slightly.

However, this was the result of paying a huge price.

This so-called becoming better was transient, like a summer firefly, making people desperate.

“CEO Walker, it’s not that I don’t want to come up with a pl
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