Chapter 1948

Justin was clearly cozying up to Harvey.

After all, Harvey was the true branch leader of the Longmen’s Mordu branch.

Suffice to say, Justin’s future was in Harvey’s hands.

Harvey smiled indifferently and said, “Deputy Branch Leader Walker, you truly have no other skills. But I really admire your ability in trimming your sail to the wind and always acting on the wishes of others.”

“Since you have spoken to this point, I’ll do Kait a favor.”

“I hope you cherish it too.”

Harvey remained indifferent. He knew very well why Justin was acting respectfully to him in spite of jealousy.

Aside from Harvey being the branch leader of Longmen, there was another reason: he got rid of Lucas Jean, yet was still able to stand here unscathed.

Harvey’s courage in attacking Lucas Jean, one of the Six Princes of Mordu, was enough to showcase his ability.

Harvey didn’t intend to ridicule sensible people. Instead, he admired Justin somewhat.

It was certainly rare for Justin to sacrifice his pride
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