Chapter 2082

“You’re planning to wager more than a billion yen. Right, Harvey?”

“According to the rules here, the maximum amount you’re allowed to wager in the hall is a billion yen. If you want to wager more, you’d have to play in the VIP lounge.”

“You can play anything you want there. Dice, Blackjack, Dominoes, Mahjong, anything you want…”

Before the dealer could say anything in response, Sakura had already walked down from the second floor. There was no emotion on her face, but the hint of rage in her eyes was apparent.

Harvey slammed the table furiously.

“What gives you the right to tell me to move?!” Harvey exclaimed arrogantly.

“I think this table brings me good luck!”

“As long as I’m playing on this table, I’ll be able to win every single game!”

“How dare you call me off the table as soon as you get here? Are you trying to lure me to the VIP lounge so you can get rid of me because you can’t afford to lose?”

Harvey was acting very cautiously.

The crowd’s eyes lit up as soon as they
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