The Entrapped Marriage

The Entrapped Marriage

By:  Airende  Completed
Language: English
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People say you never truly know your partner until you are bounded by marriage, that the person you thought you knew might end up being a total stranger to you. But with Kitty it was different, unlike every damsel in love, Kitty's marriage started in the wrong note, from a simple joke, to a one week contract and then she found herself entrapped. And when love blossoms in the most treacherous place, kitty's life became a rollercoaster as she found herself in the middle of a business feud. With the taste of money and power that she had come to wield- Kitty's heart became a constant battlefield but amidst every chaos naive clueless kitty only grew stronger.

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This is such a good book, the emotions were on point....damn......
2022-05-18 22:42:53
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Temitope Oluwaseun
I love this
2022-03-19 04:47:43
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This is an interesting story... Keep up with the writing
2021-11-23 23:12:18
241 Chapters
1. Kitty I
"Oh jeez." Mirabel screamed aloud and then she shuts her mouth with her palm.  "What happened Mira?" A woman asks her. She walked towards her when Mira didn't give a reply.  She kept staring at the phone on her hand, her eyes wide opened in shock.  "What the hell happened?" The woman asked her while dragging the phone from her. "Aunt, he actually sent her a text, a text!" She screamed again.  Her Aunt shut her up with her palm and they both were staring at the bride who was standing at the alter waiting for her groom. The bride-wearing a ball silverly  designed wedding gown, was waiting patiently for her groom.  With her face still covered with a veil, her eyes squinting around in search of a clue. Her belove was supposed to be the one waiting at the alter, but for her it is the other way around. It's already past 12pm, he still hasn't arrive, she started throwing tantrums, pacing around and y
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2. Kitty
Kitty fell on the ground in the busy highway, a road she never crossed alone even if the traffic light was green and people cross by. She still wouldn't without being accompanied by someone else holding her hands tightly.But there she was, on the ground of the busy highway, the traffic light still red, no cars stopped at her silliness only the one which she was thwarting its way. Other cars behind the BMW took turns and joined the other lane, cursing at the crazy woman on her wedding dress probably trying to commit suicide they thought."Asshole""Bitch."Some drivers kept cursing at her before driving off. Before Kitty got up, the driver side of the car door opened and the driver walked out in fury-"What's wrong with you ma'am, if you want to commit suicide then go jump off the bridge." He yelled at her.Kitty helped herself up and arranged her hair with her hands totally ignoring the driver. She kept looking around for a taxi bu
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3. Jason
It was an hectic day for Jason, he had come all the way from Las Vegas down to Cambonian town just to get away from his grandmother. His effort to take a break from all the heart wrenching and counterfeit life he had been living seems like it was going to be a waste as he was still being stalked by his controlling grandmother."Sir the car is ready." A man dressed up in a driver's uniform said to him.He sighed as he took his long coat on the couch and put it on, then he placed his cowboy hat on his head. He looked at the expensive Rolex watch on his hand and it was 10am. "Is he gone?" He asked the driver."Yes he is sir. He left about 30mins ago." The driver responded.He walked to the terrace that was covered with curtain. He opened the curtain a bit and looked outside the street analyzing the cars packed opposite the hotel building, when he didn't find anything and anyone suspicious he sighed heavily.Ever si
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4. Jason
Jason kept watching his driver struggling to get the woman off him, he didn't know why the woman gripped his driver by his pants, he thought to give them some minutes to finish it up, but within few seconds he ran out of patience, he dropped his phone and the file he was holding behind him and thought he would go and figure out what was happening."What the hell.." Jason groaned. He opened the car door and step out of the car. Just before he could take a step forward he heard his phone ringing.'Beep beep beep' His phone kept on ringing, he looked at the phone and tried to pick it up but it was not within his reach, he had stepped out of the car and the phone was at the other end."Hmm, later please." He groaned again as he slammed the car door.He walked to where his driver and the woman were, he bent his head to take a proper look at her. She looked chaordic in her messy wedding gown. He was quite amazed by the sight of a bride on her wedding gown, knee
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5. Kitty
She saw how the church was grandly decorated, she couldn't believe that Tom would spend so much on decoration. They planned a simple wedding because he kept complaining he didn't had any money to spend and waste on things that ain't important-and to Tom, decorating the church and the party hall was too much.Gripping her wedding gown, and gulping down her saliva every minute, Kitty walked slowly towards the church front door. Her heart kept pounding fast and her whole body shaking, what if it's actually Tom she thought and gripped her gown even tightly.She slightly opened her mouth audibly breathing heavily. When she got to the front of the church, she beheld the decorative entrance. It was lavishly decorated, hers was plain and they didn't even paid for booking, the priest was a friend of her Aunt.Her gaze travelled straight up to the alter, she espied how beautiful the bride's gown were, hers was cheap and plain, Tom told her he had no money, that they neede
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Jason III
As he watched the pathetic bride walking into the church of another's person's wedding, Jason couldn't resist the sight of her knees quivering. She looked like she was struggling with each step she took. "Sir, should I go?" The driver asked. But he was focused on the pathetic bride. Watching her gripped her wedding gown tightly, made him scoffed piteously."Why come here if you don't want to?" He muttered to himself. His attention was suddenly divided when he saw a familiar face. It was the same man at the hotel. The man was holding the five year hold girl, and along side was a pretty blonde, she seemed like she was in her thirties. The man's hand was wrapped around her waist.  "What is this?" He muttered again to himself as he kept thinking that it was too much of a coincidence. "Sorry Sir, I didn't get what you said." The driver said to him turning his head in ninet
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7. Jason
  JASON His deep sea blue eyes which always portrays seductiveness and deep affection, admirable eyes that always graced his charismatic look were suddenly intruded by confusion as he stood there groaning silently in excruciating pain. Jason's confusion couldn't be masked as he kept beating himself hard on how he would escape the next bullet. The man's hand held tightly to the trigger and shot again at Jason. Jason ducked at the moment he saw the man released his hand from the trigger. He heard the silent sound of the bullet as it shot at the iron rod beside him. The man's gun had a silencer that made everyone not to notice what was happening. Jason's breath rapidly increased, as he glanced at the shooter. 'Pretty good' he thought of the shooter. The shooter seemed like a professional to him as he was able to shoot at him from such a
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8. Jason
    His heart ached when his gaze drifted towards the glass at the alter from whilst he could see the reflection of the hitter. Jason's heart started beating erratically, he knew he could escape getting shot, but the pathetic bride in front of him, whom he found charming in her dirty wedding gown would be hit.    Flustered with no idea of how he would get over the situation, he gave up and set his gaze on the pathetic whom was glaring at the groom.   'How did I get here' He thought groaning in his soul.  'I should leave, and just get this over with, I will find someone else, I don't need to get married to this one, I will definitely meet someone else' He tried to convince himself, but then his feet refused to move, his heart had embraced the idea of getting married to Kitty.   The fact that she would die if he make any move made his countenance ponderously  changed
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9. Kitty
  She couldn't stop staring at the stranger, thoughts of why he would want to get married to her overwhelmed her. She felt stuck in the middle of her own decision. Marrying him seems just fine and same time wrong, but if it's just for a week, what then could go wrong she thought. Emersed by his charming eyes and perfectly shape facial bone structure, seriously to her, there couldn't be anyone so perfect. Suddenly she felt his grip on her tighten and his eyes widely opened, he looked liked he'd seen a ghost which made her heart pound very fast.  "Is he a psycho? Why hold me so tight? why look like he just saw a ghost?" Thoughts run through her mind as she tries to get his hands off her.  But in an instance she felt his hand swing her around"What the hell?" She screamed. She fixed her eyes on his, staring at him with so much rage, kitty r
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10. Kitty
 A raging desire to break every bone of his fingers brew up inside of her as she kept glaring intensely at her so called husband whom she was yet to know his name.  "Why are you glaring at me" His deep manly voice struck her off her thoughts then she grabbed his hand and shoved it off her head with full force. She heard the sound of her shoulder joint cracked, but cause of her pride she shut her eyes as she moaned. When she opened her eyes, she noticed his gaze still on her as his brow raised waiting for her explanation but she wasn't ready to explain. Their eyes were fixed on each other, and kitty's rage continued to escalate as she kept a daring gaze.  Seeing how they were both intensified, Mirabel thought of how best she would interrupt. Then she walked in between them and stretched her hands towards him."Hi, I'm Mirabel, Kitty's younger sister."  
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