Chapter 82

After hearing what Zayn Lewis said, Wyatt Johnson got quite relieved since he knew that his family was not that big of a deal to Zayn.

“You and the girl beside you can leave, I won’t do anything to your shop either. However, I want a piece of this kid. As for the other girl, I want her with me tonight.” Zayn said slyly.

“Mr. Lewis…”

“You should totally keep the guy, but these two ladies were my classmates. Please let them go.”

Wyatt begged while trying to shift the blame back to Harvey York.

“What do you want, Johnson? Didn’t I show you mercy already? Don’t you understand what I just said?”

Zayn asked angrily while choking Wyatt.

“Understood! I understood!” Wyatt nodded apologetically.

“Then f*ck off or I’ll beat you up too.” Zayn threatened.

“Let’s just leave, Wyatt.” Cecilia Zachary said as she was about to cry.

“Honey, it’ll be fine, leave it to me.” Harvey told Mandy Zimmer with a smile as if he didn’t see those buffed guards around him.

Harvey turned over to face Zayn a
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