Chapter 3405

The fight was already escalating while the John family’s gunners were showing horrible looks on their faces.

Even though Rachel Hardy had improved quite a bit, the Indians were also not that weak.

After controlling the situation, a dozen Indians stood up and completely surrounded Rachel, planning to tire her out slowly.

Murderous intent was glaring from every single one of their swords.

Countless people were targeting Rachel, as if they wanted to cut down the woman for disrespecting them.

Rachel calmly swung her sword, revealing a glare of moonlight.

All light was instantly gone at this moment. All that remained was the afterglow of Rachel’s attack.

All the well-forged steel snapped in an instant.

Rachel waved her hand around, swinging her sword like an angel of Death.


One Indian covered his arm while stepping back.

And then the second. Then the third…

In just five minutes, dozens of Indians fell to the ground, paralyzed. At that moment, all of them had lost combat po
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