Chapter 3442

Logan Bowie, acting all high and mighty before, kneeled instantly with embarrassment and anxiety written on his face.

At this moment, Senior Miller and the others were completely sluggish.

They did not expect that the prominent figure, Logan, would kneel after seeing Harvey.

He even called him “Sir.”

Harvey was indifferent then.

If he remembered correctly, Logan had already been taught a lesson previously…

Not only did he not learn from it, but he was also taking advantage of people at large and standing up for malicious people.

Logan would have had his way again if it were not for Harvey.

“Come here.”

Without a second thought, Harvey hooked his finger toward Logan with a cold expression.

Logan’s head was completely numb while he trembled uncontrollably.

After thinking of the warnings Harvey had given previously, he could almost feel himself blacking out.

But what else could he possibly do then?

He crawled his way toward Harvey with an indulging look on his face.

While Se
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Sylvia Stewart
you already did this storyline seem like you repeating yourself in this story

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