Chapter 1241

“Not many. There’s only a dozen left from the ones we brought from America.”

Butler Yates was sweating profusely.

Without strong combat power, the Yateses of America would lose their main source of strength in Buckwood.

Naturally, Third Master Yates understood this. He frowned, and then asked, “Do we know what their goal is?”

Butler Yates replied with a tremor, “I think they’re trying to provoke you, Third Master.”

Third Master Yates’s face changed. He was conceited, but he was no fool.

No matter how strong a man is, it is meaningless if one is outnumbered.

Besides, Buckwood was somebody else’s turf.

Third Master Yates sighed.

“We didn’t bring enough men, and the two boxing champions were killed off as well. If not, why would the Yates family from America be scared of anyone?”

After pondering for a while, Third Master Yates finally ordered, “Pack up, we’ll be leaving Buckwood for a while. We’ll go back to Texas to regroup. We’re not done with this yet!”

“We’ll take the plane
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