Claudia Smith

I am a murderer.

I killed my own daughter because of my hatred for her father.

I made myself motherless. I am a monster.

I sobbed bitterly as I hit my head on the wall repeatedly. I don't deserve to live, no.

"Honey Stop!" Rahul says pulling me away from the wall to a chair across from us.

"She'll never forgive me" I cried on his shoulder. I HATE MYSELF. I HATE MYSELF.

I suddenly ran out of the hospital to the roadside. My daughter is dead. I don't deserve to live.

"Claudia please don't do this to yourself. Your daughter is in there fighting for her life and there's a fifty percent chance she'll survive" I hear Rahul said behind me but that did nothing.

That's how I lost my first child when the doctor said he had a fifty percent chance of surviving. He left me alo
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