Chapter 48- Happy Ending!

Happy reading 💙

Eleanor's POV

"Let them all go out and we'll talk", glaring at him I spoke.

"No..No..Ms. are not in the position to demand anything from me", his sickening smile made me want to punch his stinking mouth badly.

"You Bitch, How dare you leave me alone for six months...after beating the shit out of this old fart I'm going to kill you", Amy's voice made my eyes watered.

"Whom you are calling Old fart?", the old guy was about to slap Amy while Amy dodged it.

"Don't mess with me and your gonna regret it, I'm already determined to break every bone of you and pluck your eyes out with bare hand for trying to kill my Blue. So shut the fuvk up", Amy spoke with her dead glare.

The whole place ringed with silence hearing her.

That scared the shit out of me. Angered Amy is really not someone to mess w

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