Chapter 17

Azrael still didn't wake up after an hour. Maybe it was the effect of the poison. I sighed and stood up from the bed. I really need blood right now. My vision is slowly turning red. My bloodthirst is getting worse. It made me feel weak. It's getting harder to control, especially if I am so thirsty for blood.

There's a light knock on the door when I tried to twist the doorknob. I opened the door and Layla's worried face greeted me. I gasped a little when she hugged me. I closed my eyes as I tried to control myself, not to suck on Layla's neck.

"Alex, are you okay?" she asked while frowning. Worry is still clear in her eyes. I nodded.

She frowned while staring behind my back. I followed where she's looking, and she fixed her eyes on Azrael, who was still peacefully sleeping in my bed. Layla gasped. 

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Comments (8)
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Crystal Irene
Killing somebody cause they have no family that’s really it’s not cool they should be other options
goodnovel comment avatar
Natasha Estes
FFS, there's always a choice. I kept thinking I would see a community donation system where everyone in the know would do periodic bloodletting, but no? Kinda hard to care for the MCs when they're selfish instead of innovative.
goodnovel comment avatar
Natasha Estes
Wait, he's the perfect victim bc he has no family? He has no worth otherwise? He's not his own person?

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