Chapter Two

I sighed as I threw my bag on the floor. This was the longest day ever because it started awfully with a beautiful monster breathing right under my neck.

The day went by a little bit better though, I found out that my four other teachers were less cunts and less beautiful like my class teacher a.k.a thee beautiful Ms Louw. 

I kicked my shoes off and threw myself in bed taking my phone out. I needed to call my best friend right now.

I dialled her numbers and she immediately answered as if she was waiting for my call..

'ahhhhhh babeeee I have been waiting for this phone call since last year.. the fuck took you so long?'

I laughed at her exaggeration, "stop being an ass, how are you and how was school today?"

She scoffed, 'bitch.. shouldn't I be the one asking you that, remember that you're the one who changed schools, not me..'

I rolled my eyes as if she could see me, "so school was fine.."

'just fine? Olz come on.. it should have been something. I mean where's the juicy staff, who was hot and who eyed you?'

She was rambling, I laughed at her and shook my head a bit, "umh someone very bitchy was hot... and well no one eyed me. I was cooped up in being the new student and hardly looked around me."

'the hot bitch.. tell me about her..'

I sighed not really wanting to start talking about my hot English teacher, I mean I was going to start thinking about her and I'll get mad at how inconsiderate she was to me and how bitchy she was.

"Precious it's no use talking about her."

'oh fuck if it's a her it's definitely a use talking about her.. and since you mentioned her, she's worth this talk.. so spill.' My friend said a bit stern making me laugh a bit. She would die because of gossip.

"Okay fine... She's hot.. so hot it's fucken distracting me.. like I'm asking myself how will I be able to sit in a class and look at her all year without grouping her.."

My best friend laughed on the other side of the phone, 'your fucken classmate, dude, why the fuck did she stand out on your first day..? Oh wait, is she like those blonde annoying chicks in movies who have two stupid followers and do everything in power to put you down because you as hot as her..?'

I closed my eyes and laid back in bed, you know when God was giving people best friends, he decided to give me an idiot.. like sometimes I'd ask myself how I'm friends with her and then I'd get it... I love her with everything in me.. and she's the most idiotic, sweetest, cruel person ever..

"No.. God how I wish it was like that... She's not blonde.. She doesn't have followers but she's smoking hot, way hotter than me and she's a no go zone..." I said the last part more to myself.

Back in Eastern Cape I was a bit of a player, my demons at home had me wondering around and fucking girls like it's nobody's business....oh yeah and drinking almost every weekend. The abuse was physically at first, mom would see, and I even told her. She'd make an excuse or say it was a punishment. I mean who punishes their daughter until they bleed..

'no go zone? The fuck did you do to my best friend? She never and I mean never uttered those words before. You can get any girl you want..'

I shook my head paying attention back to Rosie, "No.. not her. She's one girl I can't get..."

'why? Is she Asian? I heard it's a multiracial school... I mean your ass is already Lin.. you sound Chinese.. so why not go with the flow...'

I laughed at how stupid she sounded, "she's a no fucken go zone because she was standing in front of the class, humiliated me in front of everyone and happens to be the...."

'where the fuck was the teacher when she was doing all that?' My best friend asked after a gasp.

I rolled my eyes, she cut me off while I was going to tell her that she happens to be the teacher..

"She's the teacher.."

'excuse me!'

I busted out with laughter, Rosie sounded so shocked when she asked that it almost killed me.

"You heard me..."

'no fuck I didn't.. you need to repeat that and I need water.. or maybe something stronger if I heard you well..'

"You heard me very well, she's my class teacher and my English teacher.. like I know I did a lot of girls wrong there, but I don't deserve to find my teacher hot as fuck... but darn she's a snack..."

Rosie laughed, 'so, how old does she look.. is she your kind? What did she actually bitch about.. maybe she wasn't bitching, maybe you just overreacted.'

I rolled my eyes thinking about what she was saying. I didn't overreact, Valentia Hot Louw was definitely being a bitch towards me today.

"She looks 23 or 27 I'm not sure... I'd let her hit it any time.. which makes her my type. And the last part, Rosie, she was a fucken bitch.. made me feel so small and made stupid remarks about me being from a small school and Johannesburg being everything.. I don't know, I felt like kissing her or smacking her... she was sexy but bitchy... still it."

My best friend laughed and my bedroom door opened startling me.

Mom showed her face in, "hey babe, dinner will be ready in two minutes... please join us, and I can't wait to hear about your first day..."

I nodded, "I'll be there now now mom let me finish this call with Rosie.."

"Hey Rosie..." mom yelled and my best friend yelled in my ear, "heeeeeeeeey mommy..."

"Rosie my mom can't hear you, you're making noise for me..." I said and turned to my mom, "mom Rosie says she misses you and when can she visit.."

"I'll talk to your father and maybe she'll visit during the coming easter holidays.." mom said and then closed the door.

I was left squealing with excitement..

'you bitch.. I didn't say that. I don't want to visit you.. '

I laughed, "oh did I tell you I have my own room, there's a swimming pool and the girl next door might be just your type..."

'fuckkk okay I'm coming, your dad better say yes...'

I laughed again. I missed her and having her visit would actually mean the world.. I mean I was here for four days and the only people I know is Susan my classmate and Valentia Bitchy Louw... other than those two I knew absolutely no one who stayed here...

"Look idiot I have to go eat and lie to my perfect family about how amazing my day was at the new school."

She laughed and said bye too.

Rosie and I have been friends since kindergarten and I first came out to her when I was in grade 7 because there was this hot girl in our class. She came out two years later telling me she likes girls too. We never actually thought about being together because we were basically sisters.

I put my phone on charge and went downstairs to join everyone.

Lizzie came in running holding a paper, "Oly... look I made this at school today.."

I saw a drawing of two sticks with heads and hands.. I smiled, "who are these skinny people? Don't they eat?"

She laughed, "It's you and meeee.. my teacher said we should draw people we love and I drew you..."

I picked her up and put her on my lap, "well when my teacher tells me to drow a person I love, I'll draw you and me too.. trust that little kitten.."

"Argg you're funny..." she said while laughing and I kissed her all over her face..

"Hey guys..." mom said walking in holding our food.

"You need help?"

She shook her head, "no honey I'm done..."

We all started eating and she and him kept on exchanging glares I didn't understand. I sighed, "so did you find Lizzie's things for school.."

"Your father said we will go tomorrow since it's Saturday..."

I nodded, "that's great.."

"So... how was school? Made any friends yet?" My father asked after a few minutes of silence.

I shrugged, "no friends yet.. and well school was just school."

"Just school? Come on.. it's an all girls school, how hard can it be to just make friends..?" he asked.

I sighed, "It's really hard.. it's not like we are all just bunch of girls who love writing and playing soccer like me..."

"Told you to play netball.. it's ladylike, unlike your soccer.." he said and I furrowed my brows at my mom as if to tell her to actually stop her husband. She shrugged and I turned to my dad to talk but my sister's tiny voice stopped me.

"What's ladylike daddy?" Lizzie asked and I almost busted out with laughter.

"It's being a lady honey..." he answered.

"Oly is a lady.. a beautiful lady.." my sister said and I smiled kissing her hand.

"Yeah she is honey.. she really is..." her father said and my whole body grew cold to him saying that.

I quickly got up, "I'm.. I'm going to go.."

"But honey you hardly touched your food..." mom complained but I wasn't in the mood or even hungry anymore, "I.. I have homework.. goodnight."

I got inside my bedroom and locked my door then took the chair next to my study table and put it by the door too...

I stood next to my bed breathing heavily. I hated this.. I hated this.. I fucken hated this.

I went to my bedroom to change into my PJs. I needed to sleep and I needed to sleep fast.

I went to bed and sat there for a while... my body was shaking and my mind was all over the place....

fuck.. sleep wasn't going to happen anytime soon... not while I was like this.. not while my mind was running like this.

I went to my bathroom and looked for any medication but found nun. I sighed and sat back in bed. I then remembered that I stashed alcohol when we arrived here under my bed.

I quickly went on my knees and found a bottle of vodka. I got water from my bedroom and mixed it then started drinking.. at least I'll forget.. at least I won't dream...


"Oh hey.. look who's early..." Susan said sitting on the chair next to me and I sighed tirelessly, "It's the girl from the small school in Eastern Cape.."

The girl furrowed her brows, "what's up? What does that mean?"

I rolled my tired eyes, "everyone here doesn't wanna talk to me because they think I'm that dumb girl who's from a small school.. I'm surprised you're still talking to me.."

"You look like shit...." the girl said and I burped, "umh.. well I feel like shit....and I hate this school thanks to Ms Louw..."

She laughed, "you'll love her soon.. She's way too hot for you to hate on her..."

I laughed, "uhh okay?"

I turned to look at her and she furrowed her brows at me, "dude what the fuck happened to your eyes?"

I sighed, last night I didn't sleep at all, I have been crying and drinking all night. I was so fucken tired right now it wasn't even funny.

"Okay I have sun glasses, you have put them on.. you look like you drank blood.."

I rolled my eyes at how she was exaggerating...but took the glasses either way and put them on.

"Hey guys..." the hot devil walked in and I felt like telling her she's fucken late and made us wait.. but I didn't want to attract any attention to us.. worse now that I looked like shit.

"So today we will just watch a movie and analyse it.. I'll give you copies of the questions so that you can answer while watching. And if you have any question come to me on my desk." She said and I lifted my head up a bit watching her.

Today she had black shorts that were a bit above her knees and a white golf t-shirt with white sneakers and a black cap.. I watched on her wrist there was a gold watch.. like this woman was just so fucken hot... I could watch her all the time.

"Here please pass these.. and when I call your name. Come see me." She instructed giving the girl in front of him copies of our papers.

I didn't want my name to be called.. I wasn't ready to have her tell me her shit.

Susan turned to me, "this isn't your day bud.. you are going to get caught anyways.."

I scoffed at her, "don't you have like a pair of eyes.. like I can really use them..."

She laughed and God that got attention.


My whole body went cold..

"Lin lift your head up when I'm talking to you..."

I kept it down and shut my eyes, I wasn't laughing.. Susan was. I didn't need this. I was fucken tired.

"Lin you're testing me... I'm talking to you!"

I sighed and lifted my head up, "I didn't do anything..."

"Oh hey look you have sun glasses.." she said sarcastically.

The whole class laughed. I swallowed very hard trying not to cry. I couldn't. Not here in front of everyone.. I tried so hard not to cry last night, I couldn't allow them now..

"Lin take those off..."

I kept quiet and just looked at her.

"Dude take them off..." Susan said and Ms Louw smiled showing me a fucken dimple.. wown. This woman... she just surprises me all the time.. oh did I tell you she's got a double chin? She was just so fucken beautiful it was insane..

"Olwethu take off those glasses or get out of my class.. you're disrupting us.." she said sternly and I knew I had to leave. I couldn't let her see me like this. I couldn't let anyone see me like this.

I put my book back in my bag and got up heading to the door. I honestly was going home. Any punishment I'd deal with on Monday.

I got out and soon felt a hand pull me.

"you really fucken know how to test me don't you!" She asked pinning me against the wall right next to the door.

I was so close to her I could feel her breath on my face.. and oh God she smelled so fucken nice. I had no idea what to do or even say. She closed the gap between us and furrowed her brows at me sexily, "why do you insist on testing my patience Olwethu..?"

I shook my head, "I'm not testing you I swear.. you just fucken hate me."

She laughed and shook her head, "should I take these off..."

"No.. please no..." I begged.

She lifted her hand high to try and remove my glasses but I knew I couldn't let her see me. So tried to push her off and to my surprise she did the only thing that I thought would never happen.... she closed the gap between us capturing my lips with hers. I was shocked and confused but before I could do anything she pulled away and she was holding the sun glasses.

She stared at me in shock and I roughly pushed her body off mine.

"I'm so sorry... I'm sorry..." she said in the most softest voice ever. A voice I never thought I'd hear...

"What happened to you?"

Oh.. so now she fucken cared? Fuck her...! I shook my head and pushed her aside and left her standing there.

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