The Vampire Prince

The Vampire Prince

By:  Winwrite  Ongoing
Language: English
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Theodore is said to have been cursed by the gods, all his life he has been told he is ugly and undesirable. The arrival of the suave Lord Alistair brings light into his life. But Lord Alistair has a dark secret, a secret that could break their bond forever. .......... The prince of the vampire kingdom has disappeared, at the same time, a vicious blood sucking beast emerges in Theodore's kingdom, Theodore is tasked with discovering who the beast is. The beast is closer to him than he would ever believe. ..... The vampire kingdom sends men to the kingdom to look for their prince, Alistair and Theodore discover that some secrets are best left as secrets. Who is the vampire prince? Read to find out

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Carah Chin
good awesome
2024-03-31 21:10:05
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Shen Duyi
I just started reading but I'm already hooked.
2024-01-05 04:48:40
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Engaging from the start.
2023-08-19 04:37:41
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Fansom Writts'
got engaged to the story! I love it much. ....
2023-05-15 02:38:47
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Hey everyone, this is a new book of mine, I hope you give it a chance
2023-03-13 02:41:45
124 Chapters
The sound of music filled the air. Couples twirled on the dance floor. Beautiful young ladies who were obviously ready for marriage flirted and danced with gentlemen on the dance floor.Some ladies, however, those who weren't deemed pretty, stood on the sidelines waiting for somebody to ask them for a dance.All ladies wanted to be asked to dance, and they would readily say yes to any man. But there was one exception, Theodore. No matter how desperate the ladies were, none would agree to dance with Theodore.Theodore was a young man of marriageable age who appeared to be cursed by God himself. He wasn't really the attractive sort. He looked bony, he had a huge unflattering birthmark on his face and to crown it all, he was born with a limp. None of the ladies wished to dance with Theodore, not to talk of getting married to him.Last summer, his childhood fiancée had broken their engagement. The both of them had been betrothed from birth, the young girl had threatened to kill herself if
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"I don't think we have spoken to each other before, have we?", Alistair asked Theodore."No we haven't, apart from these balls, I don't really go anywhere","and why don't you go anywhere?", Alistair asked."I…uh…don't really have many friends","well I hope you can see me as one of your friends".Theodore looked at him with unbelieving eyes,"You want me to be your friend?","Of course, is anything wrong with that?", Alistair asked, wondering why Theodore sounded shocked."Nothing. It's just that most people would rather not be my friend","Well I want to be your friend Theodore, can I be your friend?".Theodore nodded. "Yes we can be friends".Alistair stretched out his hand for a handshake. Theodore took it warily."It is a pleasure to be your friend Theodore","Same here Alistair".Alistair relaxed fully stretching on the bench, "so what do you do for fun Theo, I can call Theo right?","you can call me Theo. I mostly read, I love reading fantasy books","Well, I am not really much
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Theodore relaxed on his bed reading a book. The week had been a quiet one thankfully. There had been few parties and he had managed to feign an illness and not go.He knew he couldn't make up any more excuses. He just hoped there would be no party tonight.He dreaded going to a party and getting to meet Alistair while a part of him anticipated seeing him too."Good news Theodore", his mother said as she barged into his room without knocking."Mom, why don't you ever knock?", He complained."I am sorry dear, I was just too excited", he looked at her wondering what could have happened for her to be so excited."What happened? Why are you so excited?". She waved an invitation in the air, he groaned. Just great, another party."Lord Alistair is hosting a party and we have just been invited", he sat up immediately."Lord Alistair?", He asked to be sure that he hadn't heard his mother wrong."Yes son, Lord Alistair. I heard from Lady Rowland that it is an exclusive party and not many people
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The two rode on the riding track behind the stable. Everywhere was quiet and peaceful."So what do you think about midnight?", Alistair whispered in Theodore's ear."He is a good horse, very stable"."Maybe one of these days we can ride in the park together?"."You want to hang out with me?".Alistair frowned at Theodore question. Why didn't Theodore think much of himself? He always seemed surprised that Alistair wanted to talk or hang out with him."Why wouldn't I want to hang out with you?", Theodore looked down."Well my appearance always deters people from hanging out with me". Theodore smiled bitterly and turned around to look at Alistair. "My fiancee even threatened to kill herself if our engagement wasn't broken".Alistair stopped the horse. He tilted Theodore's head up to look at him. "I don't see anything wrong with your appearance,you have very beautiful eyes,a cute nose and the most sensual lips I have ever seen".Theodore wondered if Alistair was blind like his mother."do
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"Aren't you going to ask me to sit down". Alistair asked teasingly."please sit down".Alistair sat down while Theodore did as well."I am quite surprised you paid me a visit", Theodore said."And why should you be surprised,we are friends and friends pay each other visits","I am not yet used to having a friend".Alistair smiled at him, Theodore could be so cute whenever he felt unsure about something."Well we are going to be friends for a long time so you better get used to it, I am going to pay you visits and you are going to pay me visits, okay?","okay".Alistair looked around, the room looked quite cozy. "would you mind showing me around the house?","Of course". Theodore stood up and Alistair followed him.Theodore have him a tour of the house. Showing him round the house."Your house is beautiful Theo", Alistair commented. Theodore smiled at the compliment.They were currently in the stable looking at the horses."Which one is your favorite?", Alistair asked.Theodore walked
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"So how was your ride at the pack with Lord Alistair?", Theodore's mother asked as they ate dinner that night."It was wonderful, I had a lot of fun", Theodore replied with a smile as he remembered the events of that afternoon."I am glad you had fun dear. You should hang out more with Lord Alistair", his mother said with a happy smile on her face. She was so happy that her son was finally going out and having fun."He invited me to his place tomorrow morning. Can I go?". Theodore asked his parents for permission.His parents looked at each other and smiled. This son of theirs was very funny, he was a grown up old enough to get married and start his own family, yet he still asked them for permission before going out.His father cleared his throat, "Theodore, you don't have to ask us for permission, you can go out anytime you want. You just have to be careful"."ok father", Theodore replied.They continued eating their dinner while talking about other random stuff.That night Theodore
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"My Lord,there is a message from the palace", the voice of the servant brought them back to reality. They quickly disengaged."What does the message contain?" , Alistair asked the servant."It must be the new decree passed by the King", Theodore informed him."what new decree?","a curfew has been put in place, once it's dark, nobody should be seen outside", Theodore explained."Why?","because of the beast","I see".Alistair instructed the servant to keep the letter in his study. The servant bowed and left.He turned to Theodore and stretched out his hand. "Come on, let me take you on a tour of the house". Theodore took the hand that was offered and Alistair took him on a tour of the house.They were currently in the library, Theodore looked around in wonderment. Alistair's library was even bigger than their library at home and he had a lot of books."Your library is so big, I could spend years in here without getting tired". Theodore said as he looked around, his eyes greedily taki
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Chapter 8As they got to Theodore's house, the rain started."You see, I told you not to escort me home, look it has already started raining", Theodore complained to Alistair."I am not complaining, am I?", Alistair shook water out of his hair."but how are you going to go home? , the rain is serious ","don't worry about me, go inside","why don't you come inside and wait for the rain to stop? ", Theodore offered."are you certain? ""very sure, please come inside, my parents won't mind".Alistair agreed and went inside with Theodore, while the servants took the horses away.Theodore's parents were waiting in the sitting room for him. They were shocked when they saw him come in with Alistair."Theodore, you are home, we were so worried ", his mother said as she fussed over him. He moved away from her embarrassed."I am fine mom" he grumbled. His mother turned to Alistair. "Thanks for escorting him home, Lord Alistair "."No problem, my lady"."Mom, can Alistair stay here until it sto
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Theodore was startled by Alistair's question. "I wasn't staring at you", he denied vehemently."what were you doing then?", Alistair asked in an amused tone."I…uh…was just…i…i…", Theodore stammered nervously as he thought of what to say.Alistair patted his body dry before putting on the clothes Theodore had given to him."it's okay Theodore, it's completely normal for you to be curious about how my body looks like ", he told Theodore with a teasing smile on his face.Theodore blushed and wished the earth could open up to swallow him."Do the clothes fit? ", he asked, trying to change the subject."they do, I think your dad was the same size with me ","I am glad it fits".Theodore excused himself and went behind a changing screen to change out of his wet clothes. He came out to see Alistair sitting on the bed.He cleared his throat to get Alistair's attention. Alistair looked up. "Do you want to eat anything before going to bed ", he asked him."It's okay, I am full, what about you?
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"uh?" , Theodore asked, he wanted to be sure that he had heard Alistair well, had Alistair really told him to take off his trousers."take it off", Alistair said.Theodore was confused at Alistair's request. Nevertheless, he complied, he took off his trousers. As he did so, he felt self-conscious about his cock, which was exposed to Alistair's gaze."Take your cock in your hand", Alistair instructed. Although he was confused, he obeyed him."now I want you to think about anyone you fancy", Theodore closed his eyes as he tried to follow Alistair's instructions.Alistair put his hand on Theodore's hand, which was on his cock, and then he slowly started to guide his hand up and down.Theodore gasped out loud, the pleasure he felt was so good. His cock became erect and hard."Just like that, keep going back and forth", Theodore nodded and kept stroking his cock, increasing his pace."Does it feel good", Alistair asked. Theodore nodded, it felt so good, he had never felt anything this good
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