Chapter Twenty Nine


I slowly watched her as she spoke and begged the principal not to do anything. But I knew deep down that she was just wasting her time, there was no other way out of this. What we did was wrong and I was going to be punished either way.

I mean I could fight and try and lie about this, and say this isn't it and that it only happened once, but that would be a clear lie... and I wasn't in the mood to lie about what was the truth.

I looked at the picture again, it was a very compromising position. Olwethu was sitting on my desk and I was in betweek her legs as she wrapped them around me. My left hand was holding her thigh wheres the right one was holding her breast. We were kissing...

"Mrs Louw..." The principal said and I snapped out of my thoughts and looked at the three people in the room.

"Principal can I have a word with you... alone." I said and he sighed,

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