Chapter 71 Lost

Turvi's pov 

Life is so unpredictable that we understand when we see it on our own. We never know what will happen next. 

My life is nothing less than a roller coaster ride. 

Twists and turns are too much to be in someone's life. 

Loved someone but got married to someone else. Thought someone as my mother but in reality someone else is my mother. Dream something about my future but something totally unexpected happens. 

In short whatever I planned never happened in my life. 

When he raped me in front of Aashank I just wanted to die. I didn't want to live anymore after I saw him dying in front of me. 

He killed him in front of me and didn't even blink for once. 

His hands didn't shake for once when he killed his brother. Yes step brother but still he was his brother. 

I just shu

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