Chapter 2

Politics' Dirty Games: The President


These women—these ever chaotic and amazing women—mean the world to me because they are the only ones that I can completely trust my whole life with. Even though there are a lot of times we ask each other why we all even ended up as friends, I know that I can die now peacefully knowing that they are the ones that will bury my body. These same women are all amazing for finding their way to me, but what is even more amazing is that they have the same goal as I do.

The goal to make a change because we are all tired of the fuckery of the people fucking the country for all the benefits they can get. We are tired of taking bullshits and the years we spent to prepare for all of this will not come to waste. Everything would have not been possible in the first place without them.

Celestine Morden is the current mayor of Makati. Even though she is the most childish in all of five of us, meeting her in person is a whole damn new experience. No one would not even believe that the mere word “childish” will ever fit her. She is a billionaire and do we need to say more? She is currently preparing for her re-election to her position and the more childish she gets, the more we know that she is relieving all her stress. We let her be the fake youngest of us because we love her.

Now the real youngest of us is Veronah Osalla. She is also a senator like Rozaine and I, and the only difference is that she belongs to the upper bracket of the senators who will not be replaced and will not be joining the elections this year. She is also a lawyer before anything else which adds to her perfect description of being the epitome of a bitch.

Rozaine Vizcarra, on the other hand, is the quietest among us. She is very lazy to talk and everyone needs a miracle to even hear a full paragraph from her; and that miracle just happens every time that all five of us come together and then she will talk. Unlike Veronah who is a very proud mean bitch, this woman is more of a silent killer in all ways possible. We are just simply thankful that she is on our side. The only time that she is technically not on my own team is solely because she is the running vice president of Senator Zamora, yes, she belongs to the other party.

Last, but definitely not the least, is perhaps the scariest among us five—Leondelle Quilon. A congresswoman. She has been awarded to be the smartest politician in the country and has anyone received such an award before? No. That award is simply created because and for her. Needless to say, she is the brain of our group. It is also fun to mention how she is the total opposite of Rozaine. She is loud as hell.

My friendship with these women started in the most unlikely way possible. In fact, if I was told that I would even get to talk to them five-six years ago, I would have laughed out loud. We may have all attended the same university and be in the actual same college department, but we were still worlds apart. Not until our actual graduation night where we were all required to attend.

It was one fateful night that, for some miraculous reason, we ended up sharing our table. But it is still not our turning point—our actual turning point was when everyone was drunk and all five of us were suddenly discussing how we will conquer the world. Did alcohol make us do it? Probably. What I can clearly remember was how amazed I was for meeting them and how grateful I am to actually get to know them.

From then on, our plan was made possible to meet reality. Leondelle, being the genius, is our main mastermind. It was not easy to trust a genius at first because all of her plans seemed impossible, but look where it got us now. One of her latest schemes is my interview answers and if it was not for her, I would have never answered such shitty yet effective answers like making my father a reason. Those answers were not to cater the upper class, but more of those in the lower. We aim to use sympathy and the lower public loves a little sprinkle of family-inspired situations.

Now, I do not discredit my own father. He is a good politician. He is not just the reason why I am here right now, having my whole life with my girls.

I am still being all nostalgic and stuff as I am watching them, until my phone vibrates, reminding me of my schedule for the next week. I sighed and felt the urge to take in a breather; and by breather, I really mean my one true escape from all of this. Seeing my girls is enough, but sometimes I still need my other effective stress reliever.

Enough of being Senator Wales for tonight, I want to be Adrianna even just for a little while—and I already know who is the perfect person for what I want.

I was about to dial in when the person I was just about to call is already calling me. I could not even control how I am smiling widely right now.

“Where are you right now?”

Oh, his damn phone voice. I grin even though this man cannot see me. “The same place who don’t know where.”

“Do I need to find you by myself or you will come to me voluntarily?”

That made me laugh. I am very tempted to say he should come find and fetch me, but I will not wait for that long. “I choose the latter.”

“Very well. See you, Wales.”

“See you… Zamora.”

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