His Denounced Luna
His Denounced Luna
Author: Dora Theodore


"Diana." I heard him scream my name. I was hanging off the the edge of a snowy mountain, dangling like a rope, I looked into his eyes as he desperately tried to pull me up. What about the wolves, did we lose all of them? 

He pulled me up and I tumbled upon him. I tried to get up, I didn't have the courage to look down when I felt him pull me up, pulling me close to his chest and holding me tightly that I almost ran out of breath. It's all because of me, he stayed to protect me. "Are you...okay. What were you thinking giving up like that." He scolded me. There was an unpleasant smell coming from behind him. I looked behind. This, it's blood. He's injured and it's all my fault. Regardless, he stayed to fight, to protect me. 

Our enemies reached us in no time. He pushed me away, standing before me, he growled angrily at the others, his eyes were frightening, this is the first time I've seen him get this angry. It was so primal. A total contrast of his usual easy going demeanor.

In a split second, he transformed before me. His fur was as white as snow and he was bigger than the others, his size was intimidation enough to the others but not his opponents as they charged knowing he was injured. It's rare to see a white wolf, but considering his bloodline, It sure runs in the family.  The white snow was stained by drops of blood. His pure fur was stained by red coatings, he was bleeding even in this form, the snow couldn't hide it. Still he charged forward, his head held up high, he growled angrily exposing his pure white fangs ready to tear his opponents apart. Our enemies circled around us, looking for an opening, but he kept his guard up and stepped closer to me. Perhaps I was his weakness because he wouldn't leave my side. The first wolf leaped in the air towards my direction but was caught before he could make his move. The both of them rolled away and fell into the snow, the others saw it as an opportunity to strike. He charged and sank his fangs into his neck, "Charles!!!" I screamed. 

He staggered for a while but steadied his paws like nothing happened. He seemed very sturdy, I got lost in admiring this man, wolf, being, whatever he was at different times and thus, failed to notice another one approach me with a furious look. Obviously ready to devour me the second he came in contact with me. "Ah." I closed my eyes and screamed and just then, I heard a howl.

It came from behind me. 

I turn around and spot a pack of angry wolves charging forward.  I really don't stand a chance. So many thoughts are running through my mind and adrenaline pumping through my body.  They rushed forward, racing towards the first pack of wolves, they wrestled and fought while I tried to run. I was in the middle of a war. Wait a second. I looked for Charles everywhere but couldn't find him. A wolf approaches me, with fur similar to Charles', he's bleeding so it must be him. He signals for us to leave and I follow him.

With every step I take I feel the pain become more unbearable, I whimper. Charles stops all of a sudden and looks at me, he suddenly lays down on his back and beckons me. He's telling me something. He wants me to get on his back. "But you're wounded Charles." Stubbornly he remains on the ground, if we keep going back and forth, we could get caught. That'll be disastrous. Besides, I'm  freezing. "Fine, fine. Just this one time and it's only because it's an emergency." I gently get on his back, careful enough not to hurt him. He steadies his feet and starts running. 

In twenty minutes we arrive at the gate. Once they spot us, they quickly open the gates for us, the staff runs to support us and Hailey pushes her way through. "Diana. Are you alright?" She asked, hugging me tightly. I turned around and Charles was already heading upstairs, seems like he really wants to be alone right now. "He ordered we take proper care of you.  You're hurt. Let's get you inside. The doctor will be here in no time." Charles, what's gotten into you?

Werewolves and humans had long coexisted, my being here was proof, as a result of what happened ten years ago my fate with the Maxwell brothers was sealed. 

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