Chapter 6.

Just when she had started to feel highly about herself, Brenda spoke up "Still, I don't get why he had relationships with four of us." That left her in a bad mood, even I could tell.

"Maybe he wanted a girl." April said. He had seven sons, why would he need a girl.

"Don't know." Lucia replied. Slowly the tension between the four women died down and they spoke freely. Madam Lucia looks at me and smiles sweetly. "Speaking of which. Don't you think they need to know the survivors of the murders." Lucia asked. She was referring to me, she probably must have figured who I was.

Taylor looked at me and hissed, "who Diana. Why?"

"Because I think they should patch up,I  mean the girl's done nothing wrong." Brenda said. 

"Well she did, she was born." Like I asked, how is being born my fault. 

"Put yourself in her shoes." Brenda yelled.

"Come on. Let them meet. Then whatever happens afterwards, happens okay." April begged as they all nodded in agreement.

"Sure, whatever. My sons will not be able to make it unfortunately they are overseas you see. Get out of my sight Diana, the brothers are in the lounge, go and make a fool out yourself." Taylor said. I think she gave up because she couldn't argue with the three of them at once. Right now the only person who's acting like a fo is her, she's been ridiculed but she still had the courage to lash out at me what a woman. 

I tried to hold back my laughter so the most I could do was chuckle. I stopped on my tracks as I spotted the bodyguards  gently led some kid to the study. A skinny teenage boy with red red hair almost like it was dyed. His blue eyes, the colour of the ocean, you could almost drown yourself in those beautiful eyes. This seemed to be the second time I've seen this many people shield one guy, the first time I saw something like this was when I met the Alpha for the first time, could this be one of his sons.

I maintained my distance and tried no to draw attention as I watch him, as he trailed behind the bodyguards only to pause at the hallway. What caught his attention was the gigantic picture frame of the late Alpha in his wolf form. Rather than follow them he moved close to the picture and gazed at him, the resemblance was uncanny, except, he was skinny. He was definitely one of the Last Alpha's sons. But the look on his face doesn't spell out happiness, it feels like he's pained just being here.

"Master, please don't wander off." He was warned. He nodded and ran towards them. In a couple of minutes he was before the lounge. I hid away from them. 

The others must be in there too. "Master please go in." They begged. It took him a few sighs and enough courage to finally open the door and went in. However I remained outside, I walked towards the door and stared right at it. I was about to go in when I overheard their conversation.

"Hey. I heard that the child of our father's murderer lives here. Is that true?" I heard someone say.

"How should I know Liam, we got here just like you did." Another replied. "Still, I don't think I want to see her just yet. It might make me mad." I backed away from the door, now aware of what my presence would cost, it was then that I felt a hand on my shoulder that caused me to leap with fear. I turned around and sure enough Miss Hailey was right before me.

She stared at me, and then at the door, I have no idea what's going through her mind right now but I think she gets it. "Hey, are you eavesdropping in on their conversation Diana?" She asked.

"No, I wanted to go in, it's just that I overheard the saying they might get mad if they see my face, that's why am standing outside, I really don't want to add to their worries." I told her.

She caresses her temple and smiles. "Diana, if you really don't need to be here if you don't feel like it, come on, let's go back." As much as I would love to go back with her, I can't. I was given an order I can't refuse so I shake my head in disapproval. 

"You go on, I'll try my best, if i still can't bring myself to see them then I'll go back to the quarters." I told her, she sighed and proceeded to leaving and I remained at the door. Well I should at least try my best right? I approach the door one more time and rose up my hand to knock.

"There's someone at the door. How long were you planning to stand there?" A voice said. I take back my word on trying as I make a run for it. What is with that guy, it's like he could sense me before I made my move, how long has he known that I was standing behind the door, and eavesdropping on their conversation. Besides no one seemed to notice this except him, "I'll go see who it is." No, he's coming, I have to hide. I look around for a safe heaven and find none, now am really pissed off at the guy who came up with the idea for this house. 

"Um, Jasper, let it be, whoever it is, must be after gossip right." Finally I ran far away from the lounge, hopefully my scent would fade from his nose, I really don't want to meet this guy, he seems like someone difficult to reason with. I hid behind one of the pillars when the door creaked open. There were about five boys rather than seven, oh that's right, Madam Taylor did mention her sons not being able to join them because they were overseas. One of the brothers makes his way to a boy who's walking away in anger and stops him. "Jasper, listen to me."  To my surprise, the one they called Jasper was the same tender looking boy I saw outside, back then he really looked innocent but right now, he seemed like someone willing to devour his prey, the worst part was, am the prey. "Hey, we said you should let it br right, so why are you still worked up about this mystery person." One asked. But Jasper didn't seem to care about him.

"You don't get it, there's something different about that person." The one called Jasper said. "Excuse me." Finally he had made up his mind to pursue me, if I don't leave this place soon I'll be caught. He stopped when he noticed his guards trailing  him and became irritated. "Don't follow me. Move around, have fun, do whatever you want but stop following me okay." His anger caught the attention of his brothers. When he had realized how angry he was he quickly cooled down. But his brothers didn't look pleased, he seemed to be the least of the sons considering his height and body size, plus he was fairly young so he definitely was the least.

"What is it Jasper? Are you mad at us?" 

"No. It's just that I don't feel like I fit in. I don't even deserve this kind of luxury. You keep talking about our father when you know how I feel about him. It just pisses me off that someone could be so lucky and happy at the same time but I can't. Why am I the one who has to suffer for all this." He kept pouring out his emotions. Everyone kept silent and listened to him. It wasn't something that could be stopped, it was his emotions. In anger, finally left the room, the only thing I could say about this was that he really had a rough childhood. Am sure no one would be happy about something like this, I felt pity for him. Finally he left the company of his brothers and walked away from them, the others decided not to pursue him and went back inside so I was able to stop hiding, still I had to be careful not to run into him. At least his attention was away from me for now, so I make a run for the exit, with great caution. The only problem was he was before the only way out, how could he be standing there, he must had figured I might try to escape and reached here before I did. I take it back, he just left the company of his brothers so he could pursue me.

I prayed endlessly for a miracle to happen, cause he surely doesn't know when to give up on chasing someone who doesn't want to be seen or caught.

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