Chapter 98.

I reach the warehouse before noon and find a couple of men outside who escorts me inside, the closer I get, the angrier I feel, I wonder, just how did he fool his entire family. Finally I spot the great mastermind up ahead, he walked closer and then when we we're only a few inches apart he leaned forward and said to me, "the password." How the hell could I give him the password knowing there was a chance we might not make it out alive.

"You really had me fooled there Derrick, you honestly thought I would let you have the journal just like that. Let me see Jasper and Liam first." I tell him. I couldn't afford to waver or be frightened by him anymore, I had already ripped off the page before they broke in, and I discovered who he was and that was more than enough for my plan to work.

He looks me in the eyes and walks closer, the closer he gets to me the more I take a step back till I reach a dead end and my back slams agains the wall. "No." He

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