7. Investigation of The Case

“What the hell? It’s not our fault!” Said Guangjun.

“It’s obvious the mop’s water was spilled because of you,” said Jiyoon.

“Hell! You better go out, come just make a mess!” Shout Guangjun.

Jiyoon wants to reply to Guangjun’s words, but it’s too late because a strange man with red hair came into the toilet to check. The man frowned in surprise, glanced at Jiyoon and her friends.

“Didn’t I ask you guys to clean the toilet in 3rd floor? Why did you guys come here too?” Asked Taeyong.

“They want to beat us. Of course, because we complained to you,” Guangjun answered quickly.

Jiyoon gritted her teeth in annoyance however, she didn’t dare to answer Guangjun’s statement. Taeyong just sighed, then handed a paper to Guangjun—a statement paper that the three of us must obey the campus rules.

“This is a letter that you must obey, I don’t want you guys to mess up again. Let’s create an orderly and peaceful environment.” Taeyong said with a stiff smile, then glanced at me.

“Thank you very much, senior.” Guangjun replied with an awkward smile.

Meanwhile, Taeyong is still watching Jiyoon and her two best friends, who are still standing and grumbling near Guangjun. Jiyoon grumbled, then rolled her eyes and then she went out of the toilet and was heard still swearing at the three of us.

“Save the cleaning tools in the warehouse and rest... no need to clean the toilet anymore because class time is over,” Taeyong muttered then.

“Thank you,” the three of us said quickly.

“You’re welcome,” Taeyong replied.

The three of us immediately picked up the cleaning tools we used to clean the toilet. Leaving Taeyong there without saying goodbye first because we wanted to go to the warehouse on the first floor and behind the basketball court.

“Gosh... what should we do to investigate the evidence used by Jiyoon?” Asked Hyunseon.

“I dunno, I was just thinking about the punishment we received from yesterday,” grumbled Guangjun.

“How about... if we come here tonight? To the music room on the fourteenth floor?” I suggested, without looking up.

Guangjun choked. “What do you mean? Come here tonight? Do you want to see that ghost again?”

“Because I think at night there will be a few college students coming. We can more freely investigate the room,” I explained.

Hyunseon stopped  halfway up the stairs leading to the first floor of the campus. A few moments later, she smiled and snapped her little finger, making Guangjun and I both frown in confusion.

“What is wrong?” Asked Guangjun.

“I agree with Lalin’s  suggestion we leave from eight in the afternoon and visit a nearby cafe to eat delicious Ramyeon there,” explain Hyunseon.

“Why not? I’m very excited if you treat me,” said Guangjun quickly.

“ it! Come on, let’s go to the warehouse,” Hyunseon snapped.

By eight o’clock in the evening, the three of us were ready at the cafe built right in front of the campus. Three bowls of warm Ramyeon served in front of us, Guangjun immediately pulled his chopsticks quickly to enjoy the Ramyeon. Meanwhile, I’m still preparing some equipment that I’ve put in my bag.

“Eat that noodle before it gets cold,” Hyunseon said with a mouth full of ramyeon.

“I carry this multifunction knife,” I said while showing a multifunctional knife that is often used by mountain climbers.

“What are you carrying that weapon for?” Asked Guangjun.

I played the multifunction knife. “ this isn’t very useful for self-defense. But this is very useful for opening doors or used when pressed.”

“I even just brought a polaroid camera and some plastic gloves,” Hyunseon said then.

I put the multifunction knife back in the bag, then immediately took the chopsticks above my bowl, my eyes glanced at someone who had been looking at me with an indescribable look, it seems the man has been looking at me for a long time, I coughed to give a reprimand to the man because I wasn’t comfortable being looked at like that.

“What is wrong?” Asked Hyunseon.

“Nothing. I just choked on the iced tea,” I replied.

“Drink slowly. Don’t eat in a hurry too,” said Hyunseon.

“Soon the clock will show half past nine, we should get in there immediately when the night class students enter,” I say.

“Gosh, I just ate half of my whole ramyeon. Let’s just enjoy our food,” Hyunseon grumbled.

“Is there someone suspicious?” Asked Guangjun later.

I shook my head quickly, I saw the man who was looking at me slowly walking closer. Guangjun was even more surprised because I was acting strange, but, very quickly, he immediately moved his seat right next to me until he realized the presence of this mysterious man in the opposite chair.

“Who exactly is the strange man?” Guangjun asked quietly.

“I dunno I think he’s a spy sent by Jiyoon or Baekhyun,” I replied him.

“How could it be like this? We’ve to hurry,” said Hyunseon, with a mouth full of noodles.

Because we thought we were overtaken by Baekyun and Jiyoon, the three of us quickly finished our food and hurried off as the campus bell rang. The mysterious man always looked at me—I can’t count how long he stared at me until we left the cafe.

We entered the campus area with some night-class students  who will have class at nine o’clock tonight. The three of us sneaked our way to the back of the cafeteria room, which was a few meters from the main gate only by lighting from the moonlight and a few street lamps that glowed a little dimly. The atmosphere was very quiet, and only the sound of our footsteps mingled with the noise of the crowd in the classroom from the night-class students.

A few more steps, we’ll arrive at the stairs leading to the southern campus building, if we climb it without stopping until the fourteenth floor, we’ll soon reach the room that Kim Sae Hee’s ghost refers to. However, before that, we had to go to the campus surveillance room on the second floor to tap the CCTV cameras. Even though we weren’t students majoring in computer science, we had a bit of knowledge of the programming techniques taught in high school.

Approaching the steps to the second floor, Guanjun turned on the light from his shoes that could glow in the dark to help light up the stairs we passed. I can still feel the anger from Kim Sae Hee that has been stored for so long in this building, I realized that Kim Sae Hee was also there to accompany us to find evidence of the truth about what happened that night.

“Where do you want to go?” 

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