4# The Panthom

"What's going on? You seem to have a little problem," Taeyong said as he placed a tray of his food on the table.

"We're okay," murmured Lalin.

"You guys seem to shut up to each other," murmured Taeyong again.

"Yes, it looks like you guys have a problem," murmurs Mark, who realizes the two are quiet while eating ice cream.

"We don't have a problem, we're just being quiet while enjoying the taste of this ice cream," Lalin replied.

"Oh like that apparently, then... What about your job? Is it over?" asked Taeyong to Lalin.

"It's done. Just waiting for the result," Lalin replied.

"Good, oh yes... You and your two friends are interested in not attending a college event? There you can meet other friends."

"I'll come if my two friends come," Lalin replied.

"All right, I'll wait for the answer." Taeyong nodded and sipped his coffee. "There's

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