#3 Folk Village Tales

The clock was already showing at seven o'clock in the evening. Taeyong and Jaehyun had prepared dinner, namely miso soup, egg ramen, and several other side dishes.

Even though it has decent facilities, the inn still feels very quiet. They even thought that the inn was too far from the car park.

"Jaehyun, can you get me some salt?" Asked Taeil, breaking the silence.

"Of course, Hyung." Jaehyun replied.

"It's so unusual for your cooking tonight to taste so bland," muttered Yuta.

"I have no idea. but ... I think I added enough salt to the miso soup. "

"Maybe because the air here is too cold, we can't taste the salty taste in this dish," said Johnny.

"That's right, it could be because of that," added Doyoung.

"But, I haven't come up with such a theory yet," Haechan replied.

"The theory of what?" Taeyong asked then.

"About the thing Johnny talked about."

Doyoung sighed. "Does everything have a clear theory? If e

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